Why Carol Costello And Her Double-Standard Reporting Should Not Be Tolerated


Carol Costello pushed the women’s movement back about thirty years with the sound of her cackle.

Silly Carol.  The Palin Family can find enough trouble on their own. Sarah, Bristol and the gang don’t really need any help from you or CNN.

My issue with Costello is her take on the Palin police tapes-cue giggles, eyerolls and judgement served with a side of snark.

Hey-I’m the first one in the crowd to giggle and roll my eyes in snarky judgement.

But…I’m not a CNN anchor, so I can get away with the snarky judgemental stuff.

My real problem with Carol is her hypocrisy.

Even worse,  Carol represents the general thinking of the majority of the mainstream media.

The “walking-on-eggshells-politically-correct-your-beliefs-are-cool-as-long-as-you-aren’t-one-of-them-there-christians-or-god-fearing-conservatives” crowd of the main stream media wears its political affiliation on its sleeve. And I’m calling foul.

If any other 20-something got knocked down and dragged around the ground by a strange man..my guess is Carol would be freaking the freak out.

Let’s say Chelsea Clinton, one of the Gore daughters or perhaps one of the Obama girls was on tape saying she was knocked down by a man she did not know and was dragged along the ground, and Costello introduced the tape as she did in Bristol Palin’s case…well…forget the “what ifs” — it never would have happened.

And, trust me, say for a minute it did…Carol Costello would not have been given the opportunity to apologize…she’d have been clearing out her office.

Why is it “cool” to rally behind the cause of every women’s issue just as long as it doesn’t involve a Palin?

Why does the “news” cover various women’s  issues of domestic violence, assault, teenage pregnancy and the like with kid gloves for every other lady yet thinks absolutely nothing of throwing the Palin kid under the bus?

Women’s issues are women’s issues no matter who your mother is.

It’s bullshit regardless of what your politics are.

There is an incredible double standard in the media today.

And, quite frankly, It is shameful.


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