I Wish Grey's Anatomy Didn't Flatline

I Wish Grey's Anatomy Didn't Flatline

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I used to love me some Grey’s Anatomy.

The first few seasons were the shizz.  Meredith-McDreamy-George and Izzy were awesome.  Alec-Yang-Burke-and the cranky lady in charge?  Perfection.  The Chief – his sassy wife – and the possibility he might be Meredith’s father?  Intriguing to say the least.

I got sucked into the drama-stuck around for the humor-and the weird-ass patients that checked into Seattle Grace.

Then the nonsense started off-set.  The whole he said/he said and of course Heigel getting her nose in the middle of it all.   Heigel collecting the Emmy while blasting the presenters for mispronunciation and the writers for not penning something more worthy of the statue.

Yowza.  Then Karma kicked in…

Burke got written off…George got leveled by a bus…Izzy caught the cancer…McDreamy got competition from McSteamy…and Alec got bamboozled by the lady that took a pole to the head.

Throw in Meredith surviving not only the explosion in the operating room…and the near drowning…helicopter crashes…or was it a plane…and oh, yeah…then the season Izzy cut the wire so the boyfriend could get a heart…and the following season when she was talking to the dead guy…

It was just enough to make a weary watcher flip the channel and catch The Office for the first time over on NBC.

Once I met Michael Scott and the rest of the water cooler gang, I dropped the Anatomy.  Dropped that like it was hot.  It was not.

It got old.  It got stale.  Even the bartender hit the bricks.

Last week I noticed Grey’s was back for another season-and during the 7:00 spot on Thursday.  Now that The Big Bang Theory moving to Mondays-the 7 o’clock spot is wide open.

And, I considered tuning in again-for old-times sake.  Ten minutes in I realized I no longer knew the good docs at Seattle Grace.  Worse?  I didn’t care.

Yet, I missed them all the same.

Regular TV is so much different than it was six years ago…there was always the show everyone was talking about the next day…these days, though, not so much.

I wish there was a show that would make me laugh, cry, and sing-a-long each and every episode.  I wish I had the time to invest an hour each week living vicariously through television characters…holding my breath waiting for the commercial to be over so the next scene will play out.

These days I’m spoiled by the dvr-fast-forwarding to the next scene-lickity split.  I Netflix marathon four seasons of a series while I stand up and cheer on a meth dealer.

I sure miss the good old days of Grey’s Anatomy-when it was fresh, new, and quirky.  I wish I could find a replacement.


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