IL Governor's Race: Quick-Give Gov Mumbles Some Discounted Cheese With His Rauner Whine

IL Governor's Race: Quick-Give Gov Mumbles Some Discounted Cheese With His Rauner Whine
Photo Credit: Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune

Have you caught the latest from the Quinn Camp?

Yes.  I’m talking about Governor Mumbles mowing the lawn with the hand push mower.  Nice touch for all the tree-huggers pulling the Quinn Lever in November, eh?

What a guy, huh?

Between listening to the “Human Ambien” bullshit the public into believing he has been “busy” fixing Illinois and hearing him list his daily diet of bananas, graham crackers, and junior burgers at Wendy’s, I find I need something stronger than a glass of  Rauner”s finest Merlot-of-the-month.

What a stroke.

Labor Day kicks off the campaign into full gear and you can bet your ass  the pandering to the “average Joe” has begun…

  • He mows his own lawn-sure he does
  • Since he’s “playing” minimum-wage earner this week, the Governor apparently eats only a banana for breakfast-not according to the stain on his shirt
  • He can only “afford” a junior burger at Wendy’s-if he’s calling out establishments by name, you can bet the farm he’s getting his eats on the house.
  • He’s convinced Rauner doesn’t understand you because the GOP contender belongs to a Wine Club that costs more in a one-year membership than most people in the world make in a year.

Someone cue the violins…and put on your knee-high boots.  The shit is getting deep…we may as well have soothing music to listen to as we drown  in the crap.

Here is my take on Rauner, his wine club membership, and his big-ass bank account:  So.What.

Why does he owe me, you, or The Snooze-Fest residing in the Capital an explanation for what he makes a year-or what he’s earned in a lifetime.

He worked for the money.  He earned the money.  He is entitled to his money.

Rauner doesn’t owe me, you or the Lawn Mowing Man any explanations.

Further-Rauner can join whatever club he wants.  Sure $100,000 is pricy to the average Joe-but it’s chump change to a guy who is sitting on a Bagillion Bucks in the Bank.

Crazy say you?

I say this:

Is it any crazier than a guy making minimum wage with only $79 to live on for a week blowing two bucks of it at Wendy’s on a crappy burger?

Rich Guys shouldn’t run for public office, say you?

I say this:

Name the last guy/gal to run for public office that didn’t have a pretty fat bank account and a career that allowed him/her to hit the campaign trail full throttle.

Running for Public Office is a rich-man’s game.  Not for the faint of heart-and definitely not the thing for an “average Joe”.

Rauner graduated from Harvard, has proven he knows how to build a business from ground up, and seems pretty savvy in the “how-to-maintain-a-bank-account” department, and likes to kick back and relax with an over-priced glass of wine.

What’s wrong with that?

No, Bruce Rauner is nothing like me.

So what?

Don’t let Quinn fool you.

The Governor is anything but average and nothing at all like you.

He just needs your vote.  And, a new lawn mower.


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