CPS School Closures: Knowing Before Going Is For Pansies

CPS School Closures: Knowing Before Going Is For Pansies

Chances are your kid is home from school today.

And, chances are you have known about said cancellation for days.

My heart breaks for today’s generation.  Our kids are spoiled rotten. Everything is instant.

As parents we have to know everything NOW.  And the children suffer.

Thanks to Google, kids today will never know the agony of looking up info in an encyclopedia.

Thanks to Skyward, kids today don’t have to wait until Monday to find out if they aced a test on Friday.

Thanks to school e-mail blasts, kids today will never know the complete exhilaration of knowing that school has been cancelled.

Back in the seventies–long before ABC7 apps that include the ECC (Emergency Closing Center)–and even longer before snow plows were loaded with salt and beet juice–we kids went to bed on a snowy cold night completely in the dark regarding class schedules the next day.

We’d wake up earlier than usual and claim a spot in front of the TV.

WGN was on the state-of-the-art thirteen-inch screen in the front room and the Ray Rayner theme song was playing.

And that is where we would sit…anticipating the announcement…waiting for Cuddly Duddly to come scampering out of his dog house with the piece of paper in his mouth that had our school’s name printed on it.

And, we’d wait patiently as Ray would pull the scrap out of his pocket following the commercial break and read off the name.

He’d say the town’s name first…and follow up with the name of the school.

Let me tell you…hearing the name of your school…and the proclamation that classes were cancelled brought pure excitement.

My brothers and sisters and I would jump from the couch shrieking in absolute joy.  We’d scream “NO SCHOOL…NO SCHOOL” on the top of our lungs.

We’d do an impromptu little jig and hug each other screaming S N O W  D A Y!!  S N O W  D A Y!!  over and over.

Yes, indeed, St. Michael School was closed…classes were cancelled.  A-frickin-Men.

Life was so simple in the seventies.  And so was the delivery of the news.

Today? Not so much.

With all of the modern conveniences it seems we are sacrificing the feelings of it all.  Kids today will never know how completely awesome it felt to find out about a day off of school without prior notice.

Modern technology is robbing our kids of the pure excitement of the unknown.

Our parents bundled us up and sent us out for a day of sledding and snowball fights.

Today?  Working parents need to find suitable daycare on a day off…SAHMs and Dads spring into overdrive arranging play dates and luncheons and Pinterest ideas to keep the kids busy.

A day off certainly cannot be spent doing nothing, right?

Want a great activity for the kids next time there is a snow day?

DON’T TELL ‘EM…Wait until ten minutes before they are headed out the door for the bus stop…then spring it on them.

SURPRISE! Let them know what it feels like.

What it feels like to be surprised.

What it feels like not to anticipate…or plan…or know.

It’s been more than 30 years since I had a snow day from school.

And, let me tell you…I still haven’t forgotten the feeling.


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