Chicago Area Tornado: Do You Know This Couple?

Chicago Area Tornado:  Do You Know This Couple?

Do you know this couple?

A high school friend posted this picture on her Facebook Feed today.

Apparently, her husband was out on the driveway in Plainfield surveying storm damage and this 8×10 glossy fell out of the sky.

From the looks of it, the picture appears to be from a broken frame.

Maureen would like to get the picture back to its rightful owner.  My thoughts are the same.

What if this couple lost all their belongings in the winds that November 2013 blew and this picture could very well be all that remains?

Maureen’s family lives in the Wesmere Subdivision out on Rt 59 and Caton Farm Road.

If you recognize this couple, please email me so we can get this picture back to them.

Please share the picture with your Facebook and/or Twitter Friends…you never know who knows who.

With any luck, this picture getting returned to its rightful owners will be the beginning of a good story.

After the destruction of today, it sure would be nice to see a rainbow.



I just received an email via  The Diamond Tornado Victims Help Page:

Diamond Tornado Victims Help Page If you find photos and documents–other people’s important papers–in your yard, you can mail or drop them off at the Grundy County Chamber of Commerce, 909 Liberty Street, Morris, IL 60450, during business hours Monday – Friday, and they will assist with categorizing and having a place people can go to to try to find their items.
In the event you may have found something–please use above address to get lost items to their owners.
The Couple has been found!
I just received an e-mail from the bride’s good friend.  She assures me that “Tammy” and her three children did lose their home in the tornado that ripped through Washington, IL today–but thankfully all are safe.  Tammy’s ex-husband Frank was out of town at the time of the storm.
I have an address to send the picture to and will forward this to Maureen.
Thanks to all who forwarded the picture–social media often gets a bad name these days–it’s nice to see that sometimes it does good!


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