Golden Globes 2013 Recap: The WTF Moments

Did you think Foster’s acceptance speech was as “shocking” as everyone who was still buzzing about it this morning made it seem.

You know what surprised me?  There wasn’t a standing ovation for a lady who has given 47 years to Hollywood.  I suspect it was because of the elephant in the room sitting at her table.

The actors always give a standing O for the Cecil DeMille, right.  Well, they at least stop talking long enough to put their two hands together and clap for the recipient.

Maybe it was just me.  But I did not see the audience giving Foster “their best” as she took to the stage and began her speech.

Yep, I blame her friend, Gibson.

I think Jodie had a couple different routes planned for said speech.  And, she chose the latter when no one laughed at her “I’m 50” joke.

Serves ’em right.

What followed was a giant FU to the self-absorbed in Hollywood.  Gotta give the lady props.  She knows her audience.

Here are some other WTF moments I noticed while watching last night.

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