CPS Strike: I'm Just Going To Go Ahead And Say What You Are Probably Thinking

What we are witnessing here is a pissing match, you know?

Oh, sure it is a circus…no doubt in my mind. But there is a side show going on at the big top. And it is a pissing match.

Karen Lewis meet Rahm Emanuel. Rahm, let me introduce you to Karen.

FYI…take a good look at each other…you have met your match.

As the strike enters day four, I am starting to think we’re in for a long haul here.  A long-ass haul.

I know teachers in the system.  Damn good teachers.  Teachers who deserve every penny they are getting paid and then some.

But I am also certain that there are many among their colleagues that are not so great at what they do.  Let’s be honest; there are loafers in every walk of life.

Can you keep a secret?  I kind of think teachers’ merits and student test scores should go hand in hand.

If you don’t do your job you shouldn’t be allowed to keep it, right?  Hey…if you’re a bread baker and you burn the batch…there should be a consequence. 

And chances are there is a line a mile long of other bread bakers who know who to make a batch that doesn’t set off an alarm.  Competition is good.  Keeps the people on their toes.

The fact that CPS teachers are among the highest paid (on average) in the nation means the pool from which they are chosen should include the cream of the crop.  And, who better to do that than the principal of the school where they teach? 

But, what do I know?  I am just an outsider looking in.

The current stipulations for teachers’ merit raises/retention are over 40 years old. 

According to this article, “In Chicago, teachers are currently evaluated using a 40-year-old form — a checklist that principals mark off for vague achievements, such as establishing “positive learning” expectations for all students and specific evaluations of teachers’ appearance, such as whether a teacher dresses professionally and uses proper diction and grammar.”

At the risk of being completely off base,  there is something wrong with the 40-year-old evaluation.   And, I might add…it is a damn good thing this checklist isn’t required in the file of one CTU President.  She’d be “ucked” for sure…word.

Now, couple this with hearing the sound bite of Ms. Lewis referring to negotiating as a “silly part of her day” on the four o’clock news today…and I have become more and more convinced this strike isn’t about the teachers or the children (although they do look oh, so cute in each and every photo op…no?).

Nope.  This is about ego.  Two big egos.  The kids and the teachers are just the pawns.

Want a peek at my random thoughts regarding the freakshow going on and the cast of characters who provide the entertainment? 

Here it is a tongue-in-cheek look at those responsible for this crazy train heading off the tracks.  With any luck it will pull into Sensible Station soon.

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