9/11: My Company "Celebrated" With Popsicles

9/11: My Company "Celebrated" With Popsicles


Oh, yes we did.  Popsicles.

In all fairness…they were red, white and blue.


Each month our breakroom has a calendar describing the fast, fun and friendly events for the upcoming month.

Last week I noticed on September 11 we would celebrate Red, White and Blue day.

I had a fleeting thought of asking if we would be expected/allowed to deviate from our standard uniform and instead outfit ourselves in the color of the flag.

Sadly, as soon as I thought of it I forgot about it until today when I walked into the breakroom and read a sign that told me…red, white and blue popsicles are in the freezer.

The clock on the wall above the sign told me the time was 8:45 a.m.

I grabbed a diet coke and took a seat as I watched some of the eleventh anniversary memorial events happening in NYC on the morning news.  In another minute I’d take the time to remember…at 8:46 back in 2001…a jet full of fuel with civilians and five lunatics aboard was heading straight into the World Trade Center.

And, then I thought of the people busy at work in the towers.  All of those innocent people.  The biggest mistake they made that day was heading into work on a bright, blue sunny September morning.

I have tried to spend the last eleven years never forgetting how I felt that day as the sketchy news reports broke.  How can anyone who watched that day ever erase from their memory the horrific events that transpired?

Which brings me to today.  Eleven years later.  And, as I listen to the bells that toll in rememberance of lives innocently lost I become sick to my stomach all over again as I hear two grown men bickering back and forth regarding the last popsicle.

Are you frickin’ kidding me?  We are seriously celebrating this day with treats?  Yes.  We are seriously celebrating this day with frozen treats.

Red, white and blue treats.

And, apparently the biggest tragedy on this day, eleven years later, is the fact we have run out of the frozen treats.  Oh.the.horror.

And, for the record, I am restraining myself from turning around and screaming, “HEY, ASSHOLES…THERE IS ANOTHER FUCKING BOX IN THE FREEZER!”

But I don’t.  I fear they wouldn’t get it.

Remember way back when…during the days following when there were suggestions of making September 11 a national holiday?  A day where people could take a day to remember and honor the victims and heroes of the day in quiet reflection.  Me too.

I remember thinking it would turn into a freak show.

Mattress sales…moving the day if it fell on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday to say a Monday or Friday in order to cash in on a “three-day weekend”…a perfect time to get away and take the family to the Dells for some R and R…a BOGO over at Value City Furniture (someone cue the bad dancers)…a parade…a carnival…you get the picture.

Popsicles, though?  Nah, popsicles never entered my mind.

The day should be remembered.  Not celebrated.

Nearly three-thousand souls were lost in an inferno. 

Firefighters rushed into burning buildings knowing that they probably were not coming out.

Policemen watched helplessly as grown men and women lept to their death…certain it would be a better ending than the alternative…burning to death.

We watched on television as two giant towers fell.

Our country has not been the same since September 10, 2001.

On September 11, 2012 my company celebrated with popsicles.

But, hey now, they were red, white and blue.

Red, white and blue flippin’ popsicles.

We shouldn’t worry about lunatics on the other side of the world destroying us…we’re doing a pretty good job of it all by ourselves.

Happy September 11th Day…hey, have a popsicle…it’s okay…they’re red, white and blue.


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