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CPS Strike: I'm Just Going To Go Ahead And Say What You Are Probably Thinking

Karen is the president of the Chicago Teacher Union.  Once the contract is ratified and the teachers get the raise they want they should do two things.  One...find a new rep.  And two...chip in an buy Ms. Lewis a brassiere as a parting gift.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and sadly, books are still judged by their covers.  If this is the face of the needs an overhaul along with an attitude adjustment.
What we are witnessing here is a pissing match, you know? Oh, sure it is a circus…no doubt in my mind. But there is a side show going on at the big top. And it is a pissing match. Karen Lewis meet Rahm Emanuel. Rahm, let me introduce you to Karen. FYI…take a good look... Read more »

9/11: My Company "Celebrated" With Popsicles

9/11: My Company "Celebrated" With Popsicles
  Oh, yes we did.  Popsicles. In all fairness…they were red, white and blue. Red.White.and.Blue.Flippin’.Popsicles. Each month our breakroom has a calendar describing the fast, fun and friendly events for the upcoming month. Last week I noticed on September 11 we would celebrate Red, White and Blue day. I had a fleeting thought of asking... Read more »