Chick-fil-A: Everyone Has An Opinion

Chick-fil-A: Everyone Has An Opinion

I don’t care if you are a member of Team Adam & Eve or Team Adam & Steve.

You are entitled to your opinion and the right to eat a delicious chicken sandwich where ever you choose ~ the closer to home the better.

More importantly, based on the Constitution, Americans are encouraged to express their views. Without fear of repercussion…or a pulled permit.

Thanks to the COO of a popular chicken sandwich company and his first amendment right to “voice his opinion” it seems we have all lost our minds.

The Gays…the Christians…the Liberals…the Conservatives…an alderman…and at least two mayors.

You want to know who has completely leaped off the deep-end into the bat-shit-crazy department?

The politically correct.

They sure have some nerve calling out the Christian hypocrite crowd.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

A Christian man…from the south… heads a company which believes in closing the restaurant on Sunday so its operators and employees can spend time with family and worship if they so choose, says he also believes in the biblical sense of marriage…and people are shocked?

Stop.the.presses. We’ve got some breaking news going on here.

Seriously, what do you think the opinion of most bible-toting-church-going-citizens in this county might be regarding the issue?

Where do they think a Sam Walton stands on the issue…or a Colonel Sanders…or any other Baptist south of the Mason/Dixon line?

My shock comes from the aftermath.

An alderman who threatens to pull the permit of a future restaurant in his ward and the follow-up from the mayor stating a restaurant that does not share the same values is not welcome in his city.

And of course the back and forth on the comment boards regarding the hot-button issue is the stuff me dreams are made of. There are “extremes” in every walk of life.

I tend to giggle when the liberal-est of liberal opiners wants to make sure everyone has equal rights but completely ignores the fundamental right of expressing one’s opinion.

What the WHAT?

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot, shall we?

Imagine for a minute the gay CEO of a thriving fast food company says he doesn’t believe in traditional marriage and those who choose that type of union will be judged by their maker…based on this crazy guy’s opinion, an alderman threatens to pull the permits of the restaurant operator that recently got the green light to come to said town unless the business owner “changes his opinion” and of course apologizes for the original one.

Crazy, right?

Nah, it gets weirder.

The ubber conservative mayor takes to the microphone and agrees with the alderman and further states that a restaurant that doesn’t have the same values as his town doesn’t belong there.

Lemme cut to the chase…there are not enough fans in the world to house all the shit that would hit them.

It doesn’t really matter if the players are liberal or conservative, the truth of the matter is people should be outraged that a mayor and alderman elected by the people have the right to shut down a business based on an owner’s opinion.

A few days after the firestorm of controversy spread Alderman Anti-Chickin and Mayor McStubby along with the bandwagon jumper out east in Boston backstroked faster than London swimmers saying they were misunderstood.

I personally think the common sense thinking of Bloomberg from New York encouraged the dastardly duo’s about-face, but I am not certain.

Withholding permits would be wrong (ya think?).  No.  They would never withhold a permit because of beliefs…(they must have done their homework re: church/state separation).

Now, if Chick-fil-A discriminated against the gay community in their hiring practices or refusal of service, then they would put the brakes on that business quicker than a customer can say “all you have are waffle fries?”

Am I shocked that a Christian business owner shared his belief in traditional marriage on a conservative radio show?


Am I outraged that an Franchise Operator that may or may not share the beliefs of his company’s owner may lose his business along with a lot of jobs for a struggling community?

You better believe it.

It shouldn’t matter if you represent Team Adam & Eve or Team Adam & Steve. 

Last time I checked, in America, right or wrong,you are entitled to your opinion.

Why do we care what a guy who runs a chicken sandwich shop thinks?

Our time would be better served worrying about what elected officials think and say on our behalf.


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