Jesse Jackson Jr: Hijacking A Disease Along with the Congressional Seat

Jesse Jackson Jr: Hijacking A Disease Along with the Congressional Seat

UPDATE:  I wrote this way back in November…when I suspected Triple J might use his “illness” to lighten a sentence should he be indicted and a jury find him guilty.

Fast forward to May.  With a pending sentence on the horizon, sources over at Huff Post Chicago suggest exactly what I predicted.   

Here is my original post…the only thing I didn’t predict was the lack of a trial.  

Poor Jesse Jackson Junior ~ talk about your troubles ~ this unfortunate guy is multi-tasking with the diseases of late.  He has the bipolar and gastrointestinal problems.  Triple Jay only knows one thing for sure ~ he is not talking about the situation.

Truth is the fellow has been dodging questions from the media for months.

Let that fact alone soak in for just a minute.

When was the last time any member of this family dodged a waiting camera or microphone?

Raise your right grubby paw if you just uttered, “um, never” to yourself.  Go ahead and pat yourself on the back ~ you’re in good company.

Now I have faith.  I am quite certain once the Senior Jackson figures out a phrase to rhyme with “bi-polar-gastro-intestinal-itis” he will no doubt haul ass to the nearest news outlet.

Personally, I think the reverend would have an easier time finding a rhyme if he used the phrase “guilty-sad guy with the shits”.  But I’m snarky that way.

While we await the poet who didn’t know it come up with something, we are left with sporadic news blurbs released by family members at pretty convenient times.

Amazingly enough, Wednesday, the day following Jackson’s 2nd congressional district seat landslide victory (by sixty-three-flippin’-percent, mind you) was one of these times.

Apparently a day following the securing of another term in congress was the perfect time to drop the “Jesse-has-been-working-with-the-feds-for-months-on-a-plea-deal” bomb…and oh, yeah, by the way if you’re still paying attention, the congressman may have used the campaign funds on a pretty expensive rolex for another of his “social acquaintances”.

Perhaps his latest conquest doesn’t like to fly.

Yesterday the Sun-Times ran a piece telling readers about the anger of Sandi’s fellow alderwomen.  One, in particular, sounded off on the ABC7 news this morning.

And, suffice it to say,  Well, more than pissed.

Pissed and “bamboozled”.

According to Alderman Carrie Austin of the 34th ward, “You see how much he won by, even at being ill and, as they were saying, absent. Even being absent, we still stood behind him. Then come out and say you’re working a plea deal. How dare you!”

Alderman Austin continued the tirade, suggesting, based on what she now knows, could not believe or support anything the congressman ever says again…”I couldn’t support him again, no matter what…because now I’ve just felt like I’ve been bamboozled” .

Well, join the club little lady. What the hell took you so long?

I have been crying bullshit since the first inkling of the congressman’s health woes back in June.  The day after the deadline to add a candidate’s name to the ballot; and became more and more convinced at every calculated move that has come out of the Jackson camp since then.

Does anyone else wonder why the guy too sick to represent them or answer any questions about his absence can find a voice to wheel and deal with the feds?

Did Alderman Austin miss the blurbs about the blond gal-pal who actually does like to fly or the decked-out D.C. crib ~ all of which were “allegedly” paid for with campaign contributions?!?

Surely she had to be paying attention when our former governor in Illinois/current embarrassment in Colorado was telling anyone who would listen that he had something effin’ golden, right?

Wake up, lady.  This guy is in knee-deep in the stinky stuff.  Big enough trouble to make a congressman take to his bed with the blues and the shits.  Guilt will do that to a person.

But bipolar disease?  Sorry, I’m not buying it.  I’m not a doctor~but I can still cry foul.

I think a “cool-sounding-current-bandwagon-illness” is the perfect route to go when trying to nail down an insanity defense.  And prevent you from answering tough questions to anyone but the feds willing to cut a deal.

My heart goes out to any patient actually suffering from bipolar disease.  Seriously.

Sadly, this clown has hijacked the disease.

Thanks to the absent congressman, now when I hear the phrase bipolar disease I become more and more convinced it is merely code for asshole.

And, the people who bought his b.s. story from the beginning, complete fools.

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