Alicia Silverstone: Queen of the "New Mommy" Freaks

Alicia Silverstone: Queen of the "New Mommy" Freaks


Did you catch the video of that freak Silverstone this morning?

Do you suppose the food she chews and regurgitates into her eleven-month-old son’s mouth is organic?

Because if it isn’t, it is probably very, very bad for the tyke…and his development.  And no doubt Silverstone is an expert in that area as well.

She knows.  After all,  she is his momma bear so-to-speak.

If Silverstone keeps up this pace, little Bear Blu (yep-that’s his name–chips were really against this kid long before Mama Bear Bird started feeding him mush) won’t be introduced to solids until he snags a snack at the pre-k table.

And there will no doubt be stipulations then as well.

No doubt the Cub will be allergic to the entire family of nuts…a severe aversion to gluten…and of course any snack that passes his lips must be organically grown and strictly vegan, baby.

Yep, folks, apparently chewing your kids’ food for them has become the latest “thing” to do to prove you are

And, clearly the latest train to pull into the “bandwagon depot”.

All jumpers-on…climb aboard.

Feed your kid like a bird.  It’s the latest rage.

Carry On.

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