Who Would Have Thunk It? It's Thoughts and Theories Thursday

Random thoughts and theories after reading today’s internet trenders…seriously if it weren’t for Hollywood and assorted news blurbs out of political camps I wouldn’t feel nearly as good as I do about myself.

So I thank them for that. 

From the bottom of my cold, sarcastic heart.


Herman Cain

Herman Cain dabbled in sexual harassment as a member of the restaurant community in the late eighties and early nineties?? Really??

Here is a secret~before the politically correct police showed up on the scene in the early part of this century, restaurant owners, kitchen managers, bartenders, chefs, line cooks, and waitresses/waiters (yup, that’s what we were called ’em before the moniker changed to server circa just about the same time) made an art form out of sexual harassment.

Herman Cain guilty of sexual harassment during his tenure building a pizza chain from the ground up in the early ’80’s and ’90’s?

Yeah…I’m 999.9% sure that story is 100% accurate.


Sure this weirdo will be out of the clink by the following Fridays’ Happy Hour at The Club Chug-a-Lug. That goes without saying.

And sure, I could ask the obvious after seeing the little lady sashaying into court in this polka dot number: why bother going court conservative if you’re not going to put the effort into undergarments?

But my secondary thoughts are with her enabler…the mother-of-the-year…Dina “I’ll-ride-this-kid’s-coattails-to-hell-and-back” Lohan.

She was quoted recently regarding her thoughts about her daughter’s upcoming Playboy spread (pardon the pun–these folks seem to bring out the best in me)…

The proud mama assured the public (i.e. anyone who would listen):

“It will be tastefully done”.


Because if there is one thing to be said about the family Lohan…they pride themselves on their “good taste”.

Which is clearly depicted in the photo below:


The Beibs

Apparently, Justin has had.it.up.to.here. with the H8ers. Please don’t judge him because some gal claims to have had a good time with him in a bathroom that resulted in a bouncing baby boy. Instead he would appreciate judgment coming at the hands of his “musical talents”.

You sure about that, Justin?? That might be truth you are not ready to handle.


That Kardashian Klown…and her giant sidekick

Yep, for reelz, comes, like the, like quote, of the, like, day…

“But I didn’t want to bail on everyone and, you know, skip out on this commitment.”

Good thing she has the Aussies’ best interests on her mind 72 hours after ending her 72-day marriage.

After the heartfelt statement and a rough morning on the Aussie talk-show-circuit, she canceled the rest of her schedule and reserved a seat on the next plane out of there.

Is it wrong I hope this guy is behind the cockpit controls for the Sydney to LAX direct flight?

And In Breaking News…

…Regis is NOT retiring. He is moving on.

Sheesh…get it straight?

In addition to celebs and politicians I also thank assorted church signs around town for impromptu inspiration for Thoughts and Theories Thursday.

Like this morning, when I passed by a Lutheran Church with a sign out front that assured me “Miracles can happen just as fast as problems do”.

…I’ve spent the better part of my day bracing myself for sudden impact.

Nothing yet. 

Happy Thursday!

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