Hey Stand Up! Chicago Protestors ~ Sit Your Asses Down

Hey Stand Up! Chicago Protestors ~ Sit Your Asses Down

Has this picture made it to your Facebook wall in recent days; or perhaps your e-mail inbox?

Who knows if an actual College Senior wrote it. Look closely, do those look like the hands of a twenty-something?

My point is not to dispute who authored the sign in the picture nor analyze the handwriting. I would merely like to meet whoever is responsible for those beautiful words and shake his/her hand.

Whoever is responsible for writing it “gets it”.

I can only hope the message was penned by someone from a younger generation because if it was it means there is hope.

Hopefully, there are many more out there.

If we put all our eggs in the hopeful basket based on some of the youngsters taking to the streets demonstrating with their homemade signs, I fear we are in trouble.

College students have long been notorious for making some pretty kick-ass signs to carry at various sit-ins, demonstrations, and candle vigils. And, the higher learners occupying various college classrooms, dormitories, and their parents’ basements in the Chicagoland area in 2011 are no different.

Instead of watching life pass them by while sitting behind their desk, or lying around in their downtown dorm, or gaining a level or two on Dead Rising 2 with their on-line pals, they have taken over various Chicago streets with Dunkin Donut Boxes-O-Joe along with their guitars and bongos for the last few weeks.

And counting.

Apparently, these clowns do-gooders expect to jam traffic until at least Christmas break (or I would imagine the first day we experience sub-zero wind-chill conditions) whichever comes first.

Its over-achieving cousin, Occupy Wall Street, has taken the world by storm and this group in Chicago wants to compete. Why should the New Yorkers’ get all the nightly news attention?

College kids are just trying to make a difference.

And so are Grandmas.

Amazingly enough, I did hear one Grandma in the crowd interviewed. She hauled her old bones to the Loop because she “just wants to make things better”.

My Grandma used to make apple pie. That scrumptious delicacy made everything better…do Grandmas not bake anymore?

College kids protesting about what they don’t know makes me cynical.

And they don’t know.

Most have spent the better part of the last two decades living off their parents’ dime.

And now they are rubbing elbows with others who have spent the better part of the last two decades living off the governments’ dime as they make a career of living on government entitlement programs.

Along with the eager-to-protest college kids and at least one Grandma just trying to make things better, are assorted out-of-work folks.

They are growing bored of spending their days in line filling out assorted apps for unemployment, food stamps, and various other government entitlement programs to live off of until they realize that another job providing them the lifestyle they were once accustomed to is never coming back and they are forced (gulp) to take a job perhaps in another field or (bigger gulp) beneath them.

They pass time during their unemployed days painting signs that say “IT Guy Out Of Work” and march in front of the Art Institute as the fat cats from the financial future trading industry sip cocktails and sample hors d’overs passed on a silver tray.

And when my husband’s boss passed the guy who made said sign on his way in, stopped, and asked him for his number so they could talk about a possible employment opportunity he was shocked by the IT guy out of work’s answer.

“Nah, man, I’m not interested.”

This is the part where I grow more and more cynical.

Yes, the country and its economy are in peril.

Casting shame on the folks who make the big bucks is not where to start.

Our country is in hock thanks to folks making a career out of living off the system.

Who do they think pays for their decades of free lunches, healthcare, and handouts?

Hard work never hurt anyone…sometimes it comes in the form of a job that might be beneath one.  And sometimes, it comes in the form of a corner office in a highrise with your name on the door above the letters CEO.

While this generation considers flipping burgers, stocking shelves, and assorted other menial employment beneath them, our grandparents considered such jobs opportunity.

Our grandparents were crazy enough to think that flipping burgers, stocking shelves, and assorted other menial jobs paved the way to the corner office.

I can only hope there are more sign makers like the college senior in this world instead of the “uninterested” IT Guy.

Otherwise, we are screwed.  Word.

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