Casinos Will Not Tarnish Illinois' Reputation...It Has Been In The Crapper For Years

Governor Quinn has put his “more-than-likely-purchased-at-Payless-Shoe-Store” wing tip down.

Yesterday he took to the podium with a four-hundred-page bill (no doubt splattered with grease from whatever free lunch he scored the day before) and a message.

The Casino Bill as it stands is not getting his signature.

And, of course, ten more minutes of the usual blah, blah, blah followed in Quinn’s most nasally condescending voice.  As if we Illinois citizens are a four-year-old audience.

Now, I am only an occasional gambler, but I am more than willing to bet Emanuel got Quinn on his cell following his statements and wiped the floor with him.

If it comes down to what Springfield wants versus what the newly elected Chicago mayor wants, the answer is easy.

I’m not sure the Mayor knows how to lose.

Quinn thinks the bill as it stands will put a black mark on Illinois’ reputation.  I think our state has destroyed our status as “a golden egg”  long before the promise of some slot machines at an OTB was stuffed in the suggestion box.

Here are some of the highlights (sixteen I can think of off the top of my head) some of our residents in Illinois have brought to the table…all in the hopes of making ourselves known ’round the world.

Trust me, Governor…a handful of casinos and slot machines at the airports aren’t going to change anyone’s opinion of  the Land of Lincoln.

Think of a blizzard grounding thousands at O’Hare this winter…not sure what you hear, but I hear Cha-Ching!!

Here’s the rub, Gov:  The rest of the nation already knows we’re a bunch of clowns…revenue brought to this state via slot machines and casinos will not change that opinion.

If nothing else, monies collected from these entities may very well pay some of the state’s over-due bills.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, proof in sixteen pictures, as to why the nation already thinks we are completely out of our minds…

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