If Counting The Minutes Until School Starts Is Wrong...I Don't Want To Be Right

If Counting The Minutes Until School Starts Is Wrong...I Don't Want To Be Right

I am anticipating a slumber as restless as the ones I remember as a kid on Christmas Eve…when I looked forward to the gifts of the next day.

Back to School Eve has a similar effect on me~and tomorrow’s gift promises to be priceless.  Something that has been on my wish list since school let out for summer.  Peace and quiet.

Let me be clear…the reason we only have two kids is because the mere thought of three was too frightening.  Number one son and his side kick Number two have slowly sucked the life out of me since first arriving on the scene sixteen years ago.

My summer has been spent catering to these knuckleheads and quite frankly this mother has had it up to here.  I am spent.

I am finished with making breakfast and cleaning up the dishes only to be asked what is for lunch by these sloths.  Exhausted from cleaning that meal up only to be asked what they might anticipate in the form of an evening meal.  These clowns have had the feedbags strapped on since the beginning of June.

Sick to death of hauling them from one end of town to the other after putting on my chauffeur cap following the removal of my chef hat–and, in case you may be wondering, this gal needs a break…tomorrow my ship comes in.

I love the posts Facebook brings this time of year…”cried like a baby–kids first day of school”…”so depressed kids headed back to junior high drama”…”no more spa days~my girlie heads back to class tomorrow”…”Send hugz…I’m one sad momma””summer sure flies by…school year is too long”.

To that last one, I say (after holding an imaginary trigger finger to my temple while sticking the other down my throat…barf)…not.long.enough!

Thursday is the big day.  I circled  August 18 on my calendar along with August 24 since the kids’ school districts approved the official 2011-12 calendar back in January.

Once tonight becomes tomorrow I can retire my referee uniform and whistle until the next official school holiday.  The beginning of school brings an end to me breaking up fights, calling fouls and sending kids to the penalty box on a regular basis.

Some might say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year…I disagree…late August is definitely the best time…especially if you are a mother to two clowns headed back for another year of learning.

I love everything about it…shopping for supplies…and labeling them.  Getting up early to tousle their hair and gently shake them awake before bellowing “WAKE UP!”  Pushing them out the door in time to catch the bus before slamming it shut and locking it.

I should be embarrassed to admit I am not one of those parents who snaps a picture each fall to capture the memory of their first day back.  That is what I spend the big bucks on when I sign the check for school pictures and subsequently make sure the kids’ hair is brushed and they wear a shirt not tarnished with stain or tear to class.

You know what I would like to capture with a photo memory?  The look on my mug as I watch the cheese wagon pull away from the corner with my kid on it.  Pure bliss, indeed.

No, I am not heartless.  I snapped a pic on the older kid’s first day of kindergarten in 2000 and another of his brother as he headed off to class for the first time in 2004.  I have a photo of each on their “official” first day of class.  They were both beautiful days…days I had looked forward to since the first blood curdling scream awoke me for a 2 a.m. feeding five years prior.

But, unlike most mothers at the kindergarten round up shedding crocodile tears, I did not.  Instead after dropping my backpack clad kid at the front door of school I skipped back to the car dreaming of what I would do in the two-and-a-half hours ahead of me.

When I dropped the younger one off, I sprinted to the car…the clock started NOW and I was not going to waste one.single.second.  Sure, I might have shed a few tears with the last one…but those were tears of joy!

Imagine the smile on my face when the second kid headed to a full day of first grade.  The expression could not be wiped off … and the happy dance I did after arriving home to an empty house … consider for a moment if Elaine Benes had kids…that would be it in a nutshell…right down to the jerky dance moves.  Accompanied of course by a grin a mile wide.

Yes, indeedy… tomorrow promises to be a beautiful day no matter what the weatherman says.  And, a day the Lord has made…that will be realized next Thursday when the younger joker is seated in class for a full day.

The only two people more excited about the promise of the upcoming school year are the two kids I am sending off to class.  They are as fed up with me as I am with them.

Perhaps I will finally shed some “back-to-school” tears when I send the darlings off to college…yeah, right!


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