HEY CPS: Any Room Left In The Dumpster For The Bad Apples?

HEY CPS: Any Room Left In The Dumpster For The Bad Apples?

Too bad it was a blockbuster weekend in the newsroom. 


Consider the tragic news trickling out of Norway, the “shocking” (perhaps to you) reports from Casa Winehouse in London, and, really, who among us did not hang on every word of the  juicy gossip leaking out of the Cutler/KCav Camp?  


Hey, were you aware there is a stalemate going on in D.C. among Rebpublicans, Democrats, and the debt ceiling?  And stop the presses while you hold on to your hat, apparently the nation is experiencing a “heat wave” in the middle of the summer, (I know–shocking stuff). 


Thanks to all of the bad news, this scandalous tidbit got lost in the shuffle.


Mere hours before all of this noteworthy info was reported, Dane Placko (over at Fox News Chicago) got a tip.  The investigative reporter put on his hat, grabbed a microphone and alerted the camera crew.  They headed over to a garbage can behind a Northwest Middle School to capture a “crime” in progress.


Thousands of dollars worth of school supplies deemed “useless” by the principal of a CPS Middle School were discovered  in a dumpster.


CPS…never one to look a gift horse (bearing a donation) in the mouth, ironically just kicked off their “give us stuff…we need it really, really bad” campaign. 


According to the CPS website, “we would encourage anyone with school supplies, regardless of their condition, to donate them to cps by calling our back to school hot line at 773.553.3277.”


Rut Roh!


If I were the parent of a student at Northwest Middle School I would be furious–and not because the “genius at the helm” tossed the stuff in the dumpster.


I’d be furious because the “genius at the helm” is probably making six figures a year…and talking to a camera about her “crime”…especially in the middle of a “give us stuff…we need it really, really bad” campaign. 


And, of course, because she was not insightful enough to consider giving it to a worthy cause…she could have started with calling the CPS back-to-school hot line.


Look at the world around you Principal Wasteful…I’m sure the “quake-ridden” people in Japan could use some chalk and erasers. 


Not sure how to find them–try punching in “Google Earth” from your fancy office computer–that part of the world no doubt glows in the dark.


I would be willing to bet a test booklet to an unused textbook that there is a teacher or two in the mountains of Appalachia willing to take the tape off of your hands–something tells me they do not have the dispensers necessary to dole out strips to hang students’ art work in the hallways, but they would figure out an alternative.  


Appalachian principals might not make the big bucks, but I am sure they are more than innovative in the tape dispensing department.


Hey, there are plenty of other needy people all over America.  How about that Kansas town that nearly got blown off the map earlier this year thanks to a twister? 


Perhaps one of the schools in its path needs some supplies to kick off the new school year.


Just this past weekend “The Angels R Watching Foundation” held a back-to-school drive for many needed supplies. 


The founder, Teri Shake, started this not-for-profit organization a couple of years ago with hopes of providing a backpack full of materials to any needy child.  After all, what kid should be denied the proper provisions necessary for a successful school year? 


Teri’s foundation helps kids right here in America and across the globe–and she can always use supplies.


The foundation motto goes something like this: “All things are possible with faith, hope, and one crayon at a time”.


CPS powers-that-be should consider following Principal Wasteful’s lead and purge itself of the inventory that is holding their district back.  Staff no longer deemed useful should get tossed aside much like the unused textbooks, erasers, and tablets of paper found in the northwest dumpster last week.


An administrator that feels unused supplies are worthy of a field trip to the dumpster should be considered useless.


Sound harsh to you?  Imagine what people who head organizations like the Angels R Watching Foundation must have thought when they heard about perfectly good supplies being dumped.  


Consider for a minute what area teachers thought.  Many shell money out of their own pockets to provide their students with necessary supplies each school year.


I am sure they could have found many who would have enjoyed figuring out what to do with “the unnecessary inventory” tossed in a garbage container.


Principal Strojny at Northwest Middle School should grab a ream of the unopened printing paper from the dumpster and start writing “I will not be wasteful” a hundred times.


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