Casey Anthony: Not The Only One Getting Off Scott Free

Casey Anthony: Not The Only One Getting Off Scott Free

Nearly twenty-four hours later I am still sick to my stomach.  First things first; I was convinced the gal from Florida was guilty right around the time the name of the nanny was divulged.  Yep, Casey, you had me at Zanny the Nanny.

Sadly when this story gets lost among the next one (history assures us there will be future blockbuster cases) the fact remains that the only casualty in this circus is a precious little girl who was left to rot in a swamp.

As Americans, we are fortunate to enjoy a judicial system that allows the verdict handed down yesterday (whether you agree or not) to be read.  And as poignant as the end result was we have to accept it as is; many have fought and bravely lost their lives to create the society we are auspicious enough to call home.

Sure you, me and every other arm chair quarterback thought this whack-job was as guilty as sin.  How could you not after watching the gut-wrenching testimony day after day as Mommy Dearest sat behind the defense table with a cold as stone demeanor, pursed lips and a hairstyle clearly the result of quick stop at Fantastic Sam’s? 

But when the dust settles, the truth is our society presumes innocence until proven guilty by a jury of the defendant’s peers.  No matter how guilty one may seem, our judicial system prevents us from sending someone to the chair just because twelve people have a feeling in their bones about a spoiled brat.

The burden of proof is in the hands of the prosecution.  The jury did not fail to provide justice for Caylee.  The state did.  They failed Caylee by not providing sound evidence and a reasonable motive.  They merely threw a bunch of crap at the ceiling in hopes something would stick.

And, yes the defensive team did the same thing.  The defense’s only job is poking holes in the State’s case.  They did their job.  The State fell short.

Raise your hand if you think the monster might be headed to the chair instead of The Club Chug-a-Lug happy-hour tomorrow afternoon with time served had they not been so sure of themselves in thinking they had a slam dunk in a murder one conviction.

I do not care how certain a juror is “in their bones” regarding guilt or innocence, no reasonable person would send a defendant to death row had they the slightest inkling of doubt. 

Truth be told, the State would have been better off getting this “Loo-Loo” on insanity and locking her up for the rest of her life in a padded room~she is clearly off her rocker.  Hellooo–Zanny the Nanny?  Now think “Girl: Interrupted”…Casey would have fit in perfectly with Susanna, Lisa, and the chicken-eating Daisy, no?

Sadly the only loser is the kid who never lived to start kindergarten…who will never enjoy a carefree day with her friends…who will never fall in love…or have children of her own.  There are plenty of winners.

Oh, you say there were no winners yesterday?  Think again. 

How about Nancy Grace?  That mushroom-headed blow-hard from HLN fame.  She thinks the Devil is dancing because Anthony was acquitted? 

Not a chance, he is probably too exhausted  from doing the two-step for the past three years while Nancy enjoyed blockbuster ratings thanks to the “Tot Mom” and her ability to broadcast her jailhouse phone calls while opining about Casey’s guilt.

Nancy is not the only one guilty of capitalizing over a dead kid in a Floridian swamp.  She has plenty of company.  Yep, I am talking about you Geraldo the flip-flopper.  On Monday night that moustached freak was atop his bully pulpit calling for all kinds of bad to break on the Tot Mom…come the verdict Tuesday afternoon he changed his tune quickly.

  It’s cool–I forgive him–as all the pundits were doing it.  Why would they do this?  Ratings, baby, ratings.

Ditto for all the cast of characters from the trial.  Imagine the millions to be made in book deals, movie rights, and exclusive interviews.  Something tells me the ink will soon dry on Judge Belvin’s contract–watch out Judge Judy, there is a new personality in town.

Look at the reality TV opportunities.  I do not think I am far-fetched in wondering if one of the Anthony clowns (take your pick there are plenty to choose from) laces up their dancing shoes for a stint at headlining next season’s DWTS cast.

Yesterday a microphone was thrust in front of Kim Kardashian’s face in hopes of getting her breathy opinion of the verdict.  As the daughter of OJ’s lawyer, she is definitely an expert.  Luckily Kim had some free time on her hands in between studying the bible in anticipation of verses required for her October Phantom themed wedding, getting x-rays of her ass to prove the lack of silicone, and the exhausting task of tacky wedding registry.

Who gives a shit what the Kardashian sister thinks?  Apparently someone…as long as we bow to ratings there will be an idiot like this to offer an opinion. More surprising than Big Butt providing the 411 on blockbuster trials was the lack of her dimwit sister in her shadow.  Certainly she could have provided insight in suggesting an  x-ray of the mother-of-the-year’s brain to find proof in knowing what the hell she was thinking when she walked through the brush to drop her kid’s bag of decomposed bones in a swamp.

I imagine our forefathers are rolling in their graves following the debacle in Florida yesterday. 

I doubt they thought their ideas for a perfect judicial system were validated yesterday or the days that proceeded the verdict in the court of opinion.  The downfall in this case, as well as society is 24/7 news, the pundits that headline, and us, the viewers to continue to add flame to the fire.  As long as there are people willing to watch there will be news makers willing to share their opinion.

Truth is we are all guilty of failing Caylee Anthony, and future kids/victims like her if we insist on convicting suspects on cable news channels before a jury of their peers fufill their duty.

The Floridian Jury Pool did their job yesterday whether we agree or not with the outcome.  There was “reasonable doubt”.

I continue to believe in the system~it is what makes our country great.  But I also believe in karma.  I can only hope it bites all of the guilty in this particular case right in the backside.

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