Osama bin Laden Dead: Residents of Hell Frightened

Where were you when that Scumbag met his fate?  Certainly the memory for you, like me, is permanently filed in your brain right behind your assured recollection of your exact location when those fuel filled jets piloted by complete lunatics smashed through the Twin Towers on that sunny September morning almost ten years ago.

History has a way of making me compare.  I love comparisons; love making them.  I can honestly say I never imagined living to see the day that justice would finally be served.

Ten years ago this September when breaking news was taking place in New York; I was sitting in front of the TV completely unaware.  My youngest was two; we were watching the Teletubbies together.  The phone rang to alert me to “turn on the news”.

Last night’s breaking news was eerily similar.  Again, the youngest and I were in front of the TV; completely unaware.   Surely, the Teletubbies have long been canceled, ironically enough we found ourselves watching a different variety.

We were watching the “Celebrity Tubbys” and The Donald was in the middle of Star Jones and NeNe as they exchanged blows in the Boardroom.  Just as it was getting “good” (Marlee was recounting why she was ‘frightened for her life’) I entertained a phone call suggesting I turn on the news.  “The president is speaking at 10:30 Washington time”.

I am embarrassed to say I ignored the warning.  The Donald promised an “exciting Boardroom” and I take him at his word.  I convinced myself the husband was wrong regarding imminent speech.  Certainly 10:30 speech time was tomorrow morning, I reasoned (although, if speech preempts the big “Monday morning at nine” appearance someone is going to be pissed).

Why would the White House schedule a speech on a Sunday evening; how could they assemble press in fifteen minutes?  The President had a busy weekend; Oprah appearance, the  tornado aftermath walk through, meeting with the Gaby Giffords’ family, a night full of jokes at the annual Correspondent Dinner.  The Big Guy needs his sleep.

A few minutes later a ticker along the bottom of the screen assured me Stapinski was not wrong about the scheduled speech time.  I began exploring my 24/7 news options much like I did the day the world changed in 2001.

CNN provided me news via a bushy faced Wolf Blitzer.  No thanks.  It was getting late and I was still working on over-drive thanks to a weekend of little sleep thanks to early rising for Royal Wedding/Beatification coverage.  Blitzer is the secret ingredient to a certain slumber.
MSNBC?  Are they even doing news over there anymore?
I clicked on the ‘fair and balanced’ station.  Oh, goody~I’ll wait for the speech while being entertained via Geraldo.
Clicking back to NBC, ABC, and CBS I noticed regular programming remained.  I couldn’t imagine Trumpster being interrupted by the President, although I smiled at the prospect of it.

Back to Geraldo, I fielded another phone call.  “Nope, no idea what is going on”, I whispered.  Now the youngest was growing concerned.  Geraldo and his guest, an ex-army guy (naturally) were discussing what could be the matter.  Guest suggested for an announcement this late on a Sunday night certainly it had to do with chemical/nuclear warfare in retaliation for the “oops, we killed Gaddafi’s kid and grandkids” bombing over the weekend.

As the phone rang again, the youngest took to his room in tears much like the way he did in 2001.  Ten years ago it was because I turned off his programming for the news and he didn’t understand.  Last night I muted the sound on the news and put on the closed caption option because he did.

Geraldo quickly changed conversation (with a gleam in his eye as he reiterated what he was ‘about’ to say was NOT fact)and asked his guest if there was a possibility this had nothing to do with Gaddafi near miss and its retaliation and perhaps something even bigger, say the death of one USAMA bin Laden.

I remember thinking to myself last night that I had all but forgotten about that clown in his cave.

Minutes later Geraldo confirmed that the guy was indeed dead and started informing viewers of the lateness of the promised presidential speech.  As he mentioned it had been forty-six minutes since Obama was scheduled to appear, I wondered if his announcement was even necessary.  Clearly Geraldo had taken care of the tattle tale with all of the journalistic credibility we expect from him.

The President eventually addressed the nation much like George  Bush did in 2001.  Seriously, simply and succinctly, the speech gave the facts.  No need to gloat; ten years ago the promise was to bring justice~last night word came that it had finally been served.

Like September 2001, I sat on the floor in front of the TV completely shocked.  How could this happen was the theme then as it was now.

Our current”everything is transparent” administration does not seem capable of keeping a secret from the American people.  I point to the recent Lybia invasion (“no boots on the ground–we’re sending drones–we are simply enforcing the no-fly zone, silly, that is all”).  How the hell did they keep this nugget under their hats?

Much like 2001, initial news was sketchy coming in.  Before I fell asleep I understood the mastermind was killed over a week ago and DNA confirmation was reason for delay of announcement.

I fell asleep listening to chants of USA…USA…USA as crowds formed in front of the White House, Times Square and Ground Zero.  Much like the crowds in 2001, people wearing flag bandanas were waving the red white and blue while the sweet sounds of Lee Greenwood crooning “Proud To Be An American” played in the background.  I winced.

Much like I winced when almost ten years ago the news covered a group in the Middle East dancing in the streets while passing out candy to youngsters in celebration as the Twin Towers fell.

And much like the coverage then as last night, I wondered if this is how the world perceived it.  How did it look to the world, more importantly to those who hate us to see us celebrating the death of their beloved “leader”?  Would there be retaliation?  Only time will tell.

Today more information will come forward.  This morning already brought news of a killing yesterday, not a week ago as was previously reported.  And that SOB was not given the dignity of not knowing what hit him.  Nope, he looked down the barrel of his fate.  Adios, buddy.

Burial at Sea?  Here come the conspiracy theories.  I was scratching my head at that one as well, but once I heard of the reasoning (no shrine to build wherever he might be buried) I understand.

He was living in a COMPOUND/PALACE twenty miles from the “Pockistony” capital surrounded by the living quarters of Generals.  Pssst, Pakistani officials, something tells me you might have some tough questions to answer in the days to come.

There is plenty of time to iron out all of the details.  For now I am thankful that this chapter can finally be closed.  I don’t kid myself in thinking the war is over.  I’m sure there is a waiting list a mile long to take charge once this clown was out of power.

Protests are certain to take place on the day after the news.  Crowds will gather much like they did in 2001.

I imagine there is quite a protest taking place at the Gates of Hell.  No doubt Hitler, Hussein, and Stalin have called a meeting with Satan.  Signs have been made and a crowd is growing.  Certainly the Devil must agree with them.  Osama bin Laden is not worthy of the fiery comfort in the depths of Hell.

Jeffrey Dahmer and Timothy McVeigh sip their morning sludge wonder “what will happen to the neighborhood” now that bin Laden is attending orientation.  Looks like it might be tougher on the streets of Hell tonight.  Enjoy the new addition, fellas.

Well done, Mr. President.  Even better Navy Seals.  Thank you for ridding this world of this evil.  Thank you for not blowing him to smithereens via a bomb dropped out of the sky.  Thank you for looking him in the eye as he went to meet his fate.  Good Riddance.

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