Motherly Advice: Words of Wisdom from Ladies Who Know Better

Ever since I was young, I enjoyed this poem~Children Learn What They Live~I thought it contained all a mother would need to know to raise her child to be a happy well-adjusted grown-up.  I remember my mom had this framed in our home. 

My mom was always good at handing out advice.  When I was a kid I would roll my eyes at some of her sayings.  Today I thank God for the suggestions.

Raising kids is not easy.  Nothing worthwhile ever is.

Below are some of the recommendations my friends received from their mothers that they remember all these years later.

What was the best advice you ever received from your mom?


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  • "Eh, go with the flow."

  • "You will be judged by the cleanliness of your pots and pans." To this day, I scrub the bottoms of my pots to make sure they're extra clean. Just in case....

  • Love your blog, but I'll drink some of the Oprah Kool-Aid if it gets me a seat for her final $how. :)

  • In reply to jofel:

    good news, head to Broadway and buy a season pass...seems her dream to star w/Denzell isthisclose to becoming reality...and, with that juicy tidbit that was dropped today, I give you reason #775 why OWN is headed down the pipeline and into the crapper...Broadway?? They sing and 'dance' there, she'll be a natural :)

  • Oops! Sorry. Wrong entry!

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