Good Bye Mayor Daley

Have you seen the new Walter Smithe Commercial paying tribute to Chicago’s beloved mayor?

The Smithe brothers have always had a way with putting together edgy commercials with an uncanny nod to current events.

Their latest twist of reality selling bedroom sets certainly does not disappoint.  They have put together a montage of Chicago Celebrities and others (*spoiler alert W makes an appearance) to say good bye and more importantly thanks to Chicago’s great mayor.

Have a look:


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  • Thanks for keeping Chicago the most segregated city in America.

    Living and working in Lincoln Park, I haven't seen a black dude in two weeks.

  • I'm not so sure why the Smithes are buttering up Daley, since their operation is out of Itasca.

    Of course, their customer service is good, and occasionally they will sell something that is not early American.

    So maybe Dick and Maggie bought a lot of Smithe furniture for their condo. Did they move to Millennium Towers yet?

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