Give Me Kimmel: Oprah's Show is Over--Why Must the Reruns Remain?


I watched O’s final show yesterday–sat through the lessons–admired her–sing it with me–“twenty-five-yeeeearrrrs”–and turned off the TV. 

Sure, I thought of putting on an old pair of jeans and grabbing some bubble wrap and boxes before heading down to Marina Towers to offer my assistance in helping her pack it up and finally move it out.

Sadly, my many e-mails offering this service went unanswered.  Don’t think for one minute I did not jot down that snazzy new e-mail address she offered yesterday. 

As I await my personal reply (she promised she would answer herself) I have one question.

Why won’t she go away?  I had hoped once the show ended, the need for her to rerun in the 11:00 p.m. time slot would conclude as well.

I checked my Comcast guide today hoping Jimmy Kimmel would get that spot back.  Nope.  No such luck.

Oprah’s show remains in reruns.  Tonight offers an hour remembering how Season 25 began–with JOHN TRA—VOL–TA!!!  and the promise of a trip to AUSSSSTRALLLLLIA!!

No Jimmy Kimmel.  Winfrey and her lessons are finally gone and I still have to wait until 12:05 to get me some Kimmel giggles.

It is not fair.  She has her OWN network…why can’t she hawk reruns over there?  I say if it is good enough to replay the regurgitated nonsense of Drs. Phil and Oz it should be good enough for Season 25.

Please ABC 7 in Chicago–Give Me Some Kimmel before the midnight hour.

He’s a funny guy~check out his tribute to O.  Yep, I would definitely rather watch this than the real thing in reruns.

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