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Give Me Kimmel: Oprah's Show is Over--Why Must the Reruns Remain?

I watched O’s final show yesterday–sat through the lessons–admired her–sing it with me–“twenty-five-yeeeearrrrs”–and turned off the TV.  Sure, I thought of putting on an old pair of jeans and grabbing some bubble wrap and boxes before heading down to Marina Towers to offer my assistance in helping her pack it up and finally move it... Read more »

Why Rich Successful Women Get Burned By Men Who Cheat

I’m sick of hearing all the boo-hoo-ing about poor Maria Shriver…like she didn’t see this coming?  Time to get the Rx updated on the goggles.  How could she not see what was right in front of her face? Seriously, girlfriend…a. you’re a Kennedy…and b. he’s got a rich history with a fondness of groping…and c.... Read more »

Keeping it Real: Bin Laden Inspired Reality Shows

Understand the dynamics of a multi-spoused family each week as Osama's various wives share in depth info regarding being one/fifth married to the World's Most Wanted Man.  Swapping a night with the hubby isn't the only thing these simple gals share.  Tune in to see how they trade burkas, household duties, and creative ways to keep many children busy as they spend year after year in the exact same room.
Not sure about you, but I am becoming very overwhelmed with the 411 coming out of Pakistan ten days after Navy Seals got the deal done. Entertaining the news that a former sex slave of his is spilling her guts regarding Waldo’s admiration of Whitney Houston, I took a breath and decided to take it for what it... Read more »

BREAKING...OWN Ratings Tumble...RELATED...Can A Hastily Announced 26th Season Be Next?

A friend of mine asked an interesting question last week.  “Why” she asked, “has Oprah never interviewed Mayor Daley?” I found the inquiry interesting because I am always fascinated to discover a fan of The Legend.  How can anyone still be around twenty-five years later and still fall for Oprah’s phony bullshit? Yeah, yeah, Harpo... Read more »

The Night Osama Died: New Music Video

Thanks to Roe and Roeper, I got the link to this song I heard on their show today on WLS 890.  I admit it–I’m old and I listen to Talk Radio.  But they make the current events taking place in our city and around the world interesting.  I would not think of getting my news... Read more »

Motherly Advice: Words of Wisdom from Ladies Who Know Better

Mrs. Wilson
Ever since I was young, I enjoyed this poem~Children Learn What They Live~I thought it contained all a mother would need to know to raise her child to be a happy well-adjusted grown-up.  I remember my mom had this framed in our home.  My mom was always good at handing out advice.  When I was... Read more »

Good Bye Mayor Daley

Good Bye Mayor Daley
Have you seen the new Walter Smithe Commercial paying tribute to Chicago’s beloved mayor? The Smithe brothers have always had a way with putting together edgy commercials with an uncanny nod to current events. Their latest twist of reality selling bedroom sets certainly does not disappoint.  They have put together a montage of Chicago Celebrities... Read more »

25 TV Moms Who Inspired Me To Be the Kind, Caring, Bitchy Mother I Have Become

 25 TV Moms Who Inspired Me To Be the Kind, Caring, Bitchy Mother I Have Become
I once heard it takes a village to raise a child.  Amen.  Damn kids come into the world with a yelp and a lot of needs, far too many if you ask me. Sadly, the little buggers don’t come with a how-to-manual.  Now, most of us have mothers full of all kinds of advice to offer.  When I was... Read more »

Can We Figure Out A bin Laden Story and Stick to It?

Mr. President, I have a problem…and I know you are pretty busy, but it is a big one.  After letting the news of the week digest a bit I find I have plenty of questions.  Do you mind?   Okay, first and foremost.   What gives?  I am the first to admit I have spent the... Read more »

Mother's Day Quotes

"A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary." ~ Dorothy Canfield Fisher
I love quotes.  Mother’s Day Quotes are no exception.  My favorite of all has to be the words of Jacqueline Kennedy.  “If you bungle raising your children I doubt anything else you do in life really matters very much.” This one describes my mom and probably yours as well~ “A suburban mother’s role is to deliver... Read more »