Start Rolling Your Eyes...Here are Today's Headlines and My Two Cents


This morning’s news had me rolling my eyes toward the TV screen blaring in the front room.  As I scrambled eggs in the kitchen, I heard news of a six-year-old kid from Kentucky that was being treated to some extensive groping; and definitely not the handling her parents had counted on this early in her life as it was coming at the hands of a minimum-wage-entry-level-worker (go ahead and insert your own joke here…I would go with something along the lines of a family reunion in eight to ten years, but feel free to take your own sick mind where ever it needs to go).

Poor kid was upset thinking she did something wrong.  Parents livid that someone made their kid cry, and more importantly, furious they had to explain to the little miss why she was “handled” in the airplane line.

Cleaning up breakfast dishes, I listened to the next segment  that caught my attention.  It was regarding photographs on Link Cards.  Seems there is way too many taking advantage of the system (really, how shocking?) and the entitled are claiming such a law is just a way to pick on poor people. 

Later in the car I listened to a story of a kid in Seattle who claims a teacher asked her to refer to Easter Eggs in a more politically correct manner…i.e. Spring Spheres.

We live in America, right?  Land of the free, home of the brave?  Yeah, I thought so.  Slowly but surely we are becoming a nation of entitled, bellyaching, politically correct freaks.  When did this happen?  Our great-great-grandparents are more than likely rolling in their graves with the realization of the whine-asses we have become.

Not so sure about what you think, but you know what I say about today’s news?  Give me a flipping break!  Seriously. 

When is the TSA going to ban flip-cameras?  They have banned everything else.  Watching You-Tube videos of unsuspecting people getting felt-up by government employees is getting old.  Hearing the “victims” whine about it in the seven-o’clock hour is becoming nauseating.

Guess what you whiners, once you buy a ticket on an airplane, you surrender your rights.  The world is a different place since a handful of whack-jobs decided to ram planes into buildings on a sunny morning in September 2001. 

Having to endure a groping at the hands of a minimum-wage-government worker without the benefit of drinks and dinner first is the price we have to pay.  Don’t want to be felt-up by a stranger?  Don’t fly.  It is as simple as that.  Give Greyhound or Amtrack a try. 

Something tells me after that experience you’ll be begging for the chance a getting your parts squeezed by a name-tag-wearing-employee, under the watchful eye of the cameras in the airport rather than a fellow passenger in a dark corner of a bus depot.  Those hands in the bus terminal have more than likely not been fingerprinted, and I doubt they’re in search of contraband.

Now, nothing pisses this occasional air traveler off more than watching some unsuspecting old lady/young child getting the stink-eye near the metal detector while a TSA agent puts on the gloves and starts getting down to business while three twenty-something-clean-shaven-middle-eastern-born men scoot right on through.  Nothing.

But, that starts another conversation I do not wish to start with the politically correct crowd: racial profiling.  Shhh, that is a bad, bad word.

Here are my thoughts on profiling~if forty-something-chubby-housewives were doing bad things, at say a Target, I would expect and welcome a frisking feel-up each and every time I darkened the store’s doorstep.  Each.and.every.time.

But that is not how the politically correct feel; and God forbid we hurt the feelings of a terrorist.  As a result old ladies/children are targets of occasional pat-downs.  Better safe than sorry even if it doesn’t make much sense.  Again, if you don’t like it don’t fly.  Simple as that.

My advice to the numbskull parents who have no idea “how to explain” what the TSA agents “did to her”, tell her what I tell my kids when we fly.  At the airport, it is yes sir/no sir, look straight ahead in the security line, do not say anything (except the yes sir/no sir previously discussed), and do what the man/woman wearing the badge tells you to when Mom and Dad are standing next to you. 

They may touch you, they may put their hands on your “bathing suit” parts…it is okay when we are flying…it is what they do to make sure our plane lands safely at our destination.

Mom and Dad of the Kentucky Kid look pretty intelligent, why couldn’t they figure that out?  Something so simple probably wouldn’t have needed a posting on YouTube or a camera crew in their living room.  You live…you learn.

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On to the Link Cards.  Hey, if I have to have my less than flattering mug on the back of my Costco card to prove my membership, why shouldn’t someone depending on the government to pay for their groceries have their mug on their Link card to prove their “membership”.

I was behind a striking lady at the Aldi last week.  Striking mostly because of the bright purple leather fedora with the leopard skin ban she was sporting.  My eyes were quickly redirected to the very impressive matching purple kicks on her feet.  I admit the dingy shoes on my feet were definitely embarrassed next to hers.

While I was wondering where someone might go about finding a pair of shoes like those I suddenly found myself thinking about the last time I bought myself a pair of shoes.  I could not remember.  Hey, times are tough; the economy sucks, it has been over three years since our ONE income has realized a cost-of-living-increase.  

Shoot, it has been over two years since we had a second income to supplement it…and over eighteen months since the IDES took my name off the official “company picnic” invite list.  I am quickly running out of ideas to magically transform ground beef into something that looks gormet and tastes yummy each and every night. 

I know many are in the same boat with me.  Which is why I am in Aldi getting a gallon of milk a buck and a half cheaper than its cousin with a fancy name over at the Jewel. 

My fascination with the matching purple shoes/hat combo and my family’s pitiful budget woes was suddenly over as conversation at the register beckoned my Olympic worthy eavesdropping skills.

“Mrs. Purple People Eater”  was reciting her Link Card number to the cashier (“just punch it in…you don’t need to see it, this is how I do it”).  DECLINED.  Cashier suggested she punch it in again, maybe she mixed something up.  DECLINED.  Now the cashier wanted to see the card herself.  Card handed over as customer explains that after FIVE YEARS of use the numbers have worn out.

Cashier leaves register to get her readers out of the office.  Line is now about ten Aldi shoppers deep…there is only one lane open.  There is only one lane ever open at Aldi.  Cashier returns and takes her time punching in the numbers again.  APPROVED.  Success.

I paid for my milk after the cashier returned from the office following the dire need to put her glasses away (she didn’t want them to break sitting on the counter), and followed the lady in the lovely hat out to the parking lot. 

She put her groceries into the back of her Escalade after she handed “her” Link Card to a lady in a bus parked along side the store.  I hopped into “Betsy”, my 2006 Ford Taurus, and started her up…she’s still purring like a kitten and with only two more payments to make, I imagine she won’t be for much longer.  Who knows when we’ll buy another model…the extra money not used making a car payment can be used to buy groceries. 

I do not think anyone is picking on poor people by requiring the recipient to offer an ID to prove the card they are using is actually theirs.  I don’t bat an eye when a cashier asks me to fork over my drivers license when using my debit card or writing a check.  My “delightful” face graces the back of my Costco card.  Why does the government need to form a “committee” to look into the need to require people using a Link card to prove who they are?

And, more importantly,how does proving who they are equal picking on poor people?  The system has been abused for years.  It is about time someone crack down on the scofflaws working the system. 

Here is a “committee” idea…how about the government forming a group to investigate/prevent people who drive pretty nice rides from qualifying for government assistance with their grocery bill.  That way we could pick on people pretending to be poor.

Or, the government should think of all the jobs that can be created in taking pictures and producing new Link Cards…it is a win/win if you ask me.


And, now the East…ah, sorry, Spring Spheres.

They are EASTER EGGS!!  And if saying that makes you uncomfortable then may I be the first to wish you an early MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

And, for the love of all that is sacred, they are eggs traditionally colored during the Easter season.  If hearing that makes you uncomfortable, then cover you ears. 

What has happened to our country?  We used to be considered the place where dreams could be realized after a bit of hard work and determination…now we’re just becoming a place where entitled politically correct whiners tip-toe around forming committees to pass crazy-ass rules.  George Washington has got to be spinning in his grave.

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