DWTS Week Four: Snarky Thoughts and Predictions


Week Four over on the dance floor brought “Classical Week”.  Classy dancing meets classical dance moves meets the “classy-should-never-be-used-in-the-same-breath-when-speaking-of-most-of-these-contestants” dancers. 

Considering this type of equation, the night promised to be at the very most~a train wreck…and at the very least~entertaining.

I vote for neither.  It was a snooze-fest.  After watching this show since the very first episode twelve seasons ago, I firmly believe the couple with the “best song” gets the most votes; no matter how bad the moves that accompany the background noise.

If the music is fun and uplifting it makes the dance that much more entertaining.  Remember Kirstie in the first week dancing to the song CeeLo and Gwynnie Paltrow made famous?  Best dance of the night?  Hardly.  Most entertaining?  Yes.  Most Surprising?  You Betcha! 


Last night’s classy musical accompaniment had a way of showcasing the dance moves (no catchy lyrics to distract us).  Ho-hum if you ask this viewer.

Bottom two?  Anna and Sugar Ray ~ Kendra and Louis.  Who should go home?  My vote is for Kendra.  While I would enjoy another couple weeks of her pre/post dance interviews (gal opens her mouth and 20 lbs of stupid falls out), her heart doesn’t seem to be in the competition.

Who will go home?  Something tells me the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Boxing Partner are headed for the exit. 


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  • Brooke needs to polish her interviewing skills, or at least get better cue cards. But she certainly is pretty!

    Go Karate Kid!!

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