DWTS Week 5: Random Snarky Thoughts and Predictions

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Tonight we pledge allegiance to America via the dance floor…and according to Tom Bergeron, as of tonight, no clear leader has emerged.  Wow, I wonder if the Liberals find that statement as ironic as the Conservatives viewing do.  

Anticipating the celebration of the red, white and blue, the stars and the dancers descend the stairs in costume.  Looky-Loo, we’ve got dancers wearing flags, sailors, what looks like a top hat wearing Abe Lincoln, Uncle Sam, cowoys, enlisted men and of course Cinderella…wonder what Kirstie might lose tonight.

From the outside looking in it appears Ballas is going to channel his inner Springsteen.  Oh, please for all that is good don’t ruin that secret love affair I’ve been harboring all these years. I love the Boss…don’t do it Ballas, don’t ruin that for me. 

Quote of the night:  “Its America week and Cheryl is showing off the purple mountain tops”~Len Goodman.  Nice.  Kendra’s excuse of the night…explained away her reaction to Carrie Ann’s comments last week “as that time of the month”  Even nicer.

Question of the night:  No Born in the USA?  Maks would have done a great Springsteen number.

The Show itself?  America Week was not quite the American Tragedy I was anticipating.  I think I liked it even more because I am grateful Classic Week is over and secretly pray that silly idea never returns.

I am 2-1 prediction wise.  This week has me scratching my head.  My best guess as to who danced their final dance?  Petra and Mr. Tall, Dark, and Not Quite as Tall.  Even she knows it–she mentioned her charity at least five times.  Yeah, she’s going. 

Unless, of course, there is a Tsunami somewhere in the world overnight.  Then I believe the powers that be over at ABC reserve the right to fudge some numbers.  I think it is in the contract.


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  • Huh? What? I don't care who goes home this week~I'm still dazed by a shirtless Maks. Let's keep him bare and tatted!!

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