DWTS Week 3: Snarky Thoughts and Predictions


After last week’s successful prediction of “Psycho Mike’s” departure, I thought I would follow up again with a guess at who should pack their dance shoes following Week Three’s “Personal Stories” Themed Episode cast off.

I know, I know what you are thinking…”who could not have predicted last week’s departure”.  That is why I will give it another try this week…because it seems trickier.

Petra, whose dance was inspired by the charity she heads, was the best dance of the night. She leads the pack along with Hines “I look like Jo Koy” Ward with 25/30 points.

Wendy Williams, who resembles a big oak tree on the dance floor, is in the basement with 15/30.  Definitely the worst dance of the night, but hey, Tony’s thigh didn’t give out at the beginning of their dance when trying to unplant the giant oak either.  I’ll tell you what, Wendy really likes Tony.  I loved when she told Brooke “how does it feel” Burke and her partner Dovolani, “you make a good choreograph” (eh??).

Oh, that Wendy…she’ll be back carmelizing beef jerky on her talk show set in no time, but I don’t think her name will be called at the end tonight.

I say Sugar Ray leaves tonight.  Wendy has a fan base.  The former boxing champ does not.  He also has a partner that seems troubled this season~the once bubbly Anna seems like she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.  She should practice a day in Maks’ tights…she might find life isn’t so bad.

Here are some random snarky thoughts based on what I saw last night…who were your faves?


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  • Let's keep Wendy Williams on a little longer...she's pure entertainment. G'bye Sugar Ray!

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