Deadly Chuckles: Funniest Obituaries Ever

Are you a fan of Facebook?  I have been a card-carrying member for a bit over two years.  I am the first to admit while it is a great tool in finding long lost friends, some of the posts get on my nerves (Susie has qualified for student-of-the-month for the FIFTH time this year~like mother-like daughter!!!!!) 

Sure the bragging along with the blatant disregard for the English language (quick~get the spelling/grammar police on the line) are slowly killing me.  But every once in awhile a long-lost friend/newly aquired facebook pal will post something hysterical.  So very hysterical I will laugh so hard I will shake.

This morning brought one of these posts…and got me googling.  Funny Obits.  Who knew?  I am a firm believer in finding the humor in the saddest of situations.  I laugh even harder because I don’t know any of these people…but I can imagine…I can only imagine what they must have been like before they bit the dust.

Here are some of the funnier death notices I found, along with a gallery of tombstone pictures that I am sure might add a giggle to your Friday.

This is the obit posted on my facebook page this morning…I am not embarrassed to admit it made me smile…

 While the original is a bit hard to read, here is the funny in a nutshell:  “Glen enjoyed reading, film, live music, flying, travel and booze…Glen was also greatly amused by farts and was often heard to say ‘Who Farted?’  He loved to laugh at himself as well as others.”

That obit got me to googling…are there other funny obits posted on the internet?  You better believe there were plenty more.  And, while not all along the lines of farting and booze, hysterical none-the-less.

How about this??

Theodore Roosevelt Heller, 88, loving father of Charles (Joann) Heller; dear brother of the late Sonya (the late Jack) Steinberg. Ted was discharged from the U.S. Army during WWII due to service related injuries, and then forced his way back into the Illinois National Guard insisting no one tells him when to serve his country. Graveside services Tuesday 11 a.m. at Waldheim Jewish Cemetery (Ziditshover section), 1700 S. Harlem Ave., Chicago. In lieu of flowers, please send acerbic letters to Republicans. Arrangements by Chicago Jewish Funerals, Douglas MacIsaac, funeral director 847-229-8822, .


I really enjoyed this death notice of the guy with a family known by their nicknames:






Casimir was apparently loved…more in death than life…

Who doesn’t know a gal like Delores…who wouldn’t like to send her off like this once her miserable life came to a sudden halt…?  I am hoping Delores finds Casimir in the flaming depths of hell…every pot needs a lid…especially in eternity…


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  • Poor Deloris!

  • OMG, now I want something funny said when I die. At least it makes loved ones smile.

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