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Royally Screwed...I Still Have Burning Questions!

Did you watch any of the Royal Wedding coverage?  I’ll let you know right now I was up all night watching Charles and Diana’s festivities thirty years ago.  The following summer I was up before the sun to witness the happy parents leave the hospital with the heir. Wild royal horses could not have kept me... Read more »

President The Donald Trump: Imagine This Freak Show for Just a Minute

Imagine for a moment that the Year is 2013.  As American luck would have it the Mayans line of crap regarding the certain end to our world come December 2012 was a complete load of bullshit.  Amazingly enough, a complete end of the world as we know it via earthly doom would be better than what we face on... Read more »

Chicago Bulls: The Teamwork Engine That Could Illustration I am hoping there is a tavern in heaven, there has just got to be, right?  And, I am even more convinced last night the big screen was tuned into the Cubs (even the angels and saints are suckers for the lovable losers) game as St. Armand served up an extra dry beefeaters on the rocks to... Read more »

Are Parents Responsible for Their Kids' Lack of Coping Skills?

...why not lose some sleep by figuring out creative ways like Ms. Cranberry Mermaid...I'm sure there are plenty of more ideas to be found in the book that offers a step-by-step for this baby.
I was certain that childhood, as I remembered it, was headed for the crapper about twelve years ago when I was raising my first and Caillou was all the rage over on PBS.  I could not stand that little whine-ass brat as he yapped episode after episode “But, Mommma, I don’t waaaaaaaant to”. After what amounted to... Read more »

That's What He Said: 50 Quotes To Live By According to Michael Scott

Time is running out for Michael Scott.  Tonight loyal viewers will be treated to another edition of “The Dundies”.  Remember when Michael awarded Phyliss her Dundie for “Bushiest Beaver”? With one more episode left after tonights airs, I find myself feeling a bit nostalgic.  I am going to miss Dunder Mifflin’s Boss.  Sure Michael is... Read more »

SNL Bringing Sexy Back ~ Timberlake Providing The Funny

It is official.  The 2010/11 Season for SNL has been saved.  Why not pause for a moment and bow your head as we offer a moment of silence.  Thank God.  Humor will return to the show formerly known as funny. Over the past few years I can count on two hands the times I wished~hoped... Read more »

Dodgeball Deemed Dangerous ~ Society Is Officially Screwed

Dodgeball Deemed Dangerous ~ Society Is Officially Screwed
Grab your balls boys and head inside.  There is breaking news coming out of the New York State Health Department.  It is only a matter of time before Pat “I jump aboard any bandwagon as long as it brings attention” Quinn pulls our sorry state into the debate.  Dodgeball is dangerous.  New York bureaucrats are essentially... Read more »

Cast Your Vote Now For Chicagoland's Mother of the Year ~ Jill Duggan

Seems like everyone is looking for a vote these days.  Crooked politicians, D-list stars who can kind of cha, cha, cha, crooning aspiring idols.  So we text, log on, click, and call while wondering if our measly vote counts. NBC 5 Chicago is running a Mother’s Day Makeover contest.  On Friday they posted the six... Read more »

DWTS Week 5: Random Snarky Thoughts and Predictions

Cool, Ballas was not channeling The Boss...but I think he's paying tribute to Billy Ray.  Chelsea likes parties, The USA, and Miley Cyrus...Super Cool!  An interview that couldn't be made up if tried.  Sadly, these two clowns can dance and creepy groper has become even creepier towel snapper.  See you next week, weirdos, that was pretty good.
Tonight we pledge allegiance to America via the dance floor…and according to Tom Bergeron, as of tonight, no clear leader has emerged.  Wow, I wonder if the Liberals find that statement as ironic as the Conservatives viewing do.   Anticipating the celebration of the red, white and blue, the stars and the dancers descend the stairs in... Read more »

Palm Sunday Mass At St. Miguel's...Not What Jesus Would Do

Somewhere in Heaven there has to be some type of VIP meeting going on.  I am sure the Big Guy has assembled his number one son, JC, along with his right-hand man, the Honorable Holy Spirit.  This is a problem that definitely requires a meeting of the minds. This guilty catholic imagines them assembled around the... Read more »