The Office: 25 Favorite Quotes Courtesy of the Boss


Six years ago, The Office premiered as a mid-season replacement.  At first, ratings were shaky.  And, now, looking back, I understand~like many viewers, I was stuck over on channel 7 watching Grey’s Anatomy. 

At the end of the third season over at Seattle Grace…just about the time the series began to flatline…I called it…pronounced it dead to me…and searched for a Fourth Season replacement.

I discovered Michael Scott–the ultimate dip-shit boss.  I was so disgusted with myself…how did I let three seasons of this series escape me?  I have a DVR for crying out loud.  After the first episode of the fourth season, I headed to Disc Replay and purchased the previous three…and got myself caught up.

I have been hooked ever since.  Tonight I watched the beginning of the end of my favorite dip-shit boss, Michael Scott. While I am estatic he finally found love with Holly, I am going to miss him on Thursday nights.

Michael Scott will forever be known for his famous “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID” quote.  But there are plenty more I’ll remember him saying…here are some of my favorites. 


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  • Super funny

  • You forgot a good one:

    "I... declare... BANKRUPTCY!!!"

  • In reply to wraith729:

    I'm sorry I had to stop at 25...there are so many good ones...BANKRUPTCY, definitely one of the better ones. More quotable than Michael Dwight K. Shrute :)
    Thanks for reading!

  • In reply to wraith729:

    May I suggest your next blog be an homage to Dwight the beet farmer?

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