Rules For Real Life 101~Today's Kids Don't Stand A Chance


Maybe you are like me.  Perhaps you have raised a couple of hooligans that are now tweens and teens.  Looking back, you might feel confident ~ hey, for all intents and purposes, they are pretty good kids.

Then, they do something that completely knocks the wind out of you.  The little creeps appear angelic on the outside, but then you find deep down they are little effers at heart.  And if you are like me, you are left scratching your head while questioning yourself…”I raised THIS?”

About a year ago, I got one of those e-mails–you know the ones I speak of–please send this to so many of your e-mail contacts by noon or all types of badness will cross your path. I hate those things, really I do.  But this one made me smile…so I kept it.

I admit I never forwarded said e-mail, and as I was cleaning out my inbox today, I came across this little tidbit.  Essentially, it’s a blurb about a speech Bill Gates recently gave to a class of high schoolers ~ while it wasn’t clear, I believe it was a graduation speech.

In this speech, Gates, the ultimate nerd gave a list of rules they might remember as they entered college life or the “real world”.  I wish my little darlings were in the audience ~ but instead I can only hope they will read this and take it to heart.

Please feel free to pass the rules along ~ I promise no bad luck will present itself if you don’t ~but chances are your friends can use and more importantly will be grateful for the advice.  If they are old fogies, they’ll get a chuckle, for sure.

Thanks to Bill Gates…he is a pretty smart guy.


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  • Just read your column by mistake while looking for the hockey blog. If I were your kids I would think you were a silly twit. A real ding bat.

  • In reply to jorput:

    you seem quite delightful...I am sure your mother is proud.

  • In reply to jorput:

    You sound miserable.

  • In reply to wantspring:

    Thanks for reading~hopefully you'll find the next post more uplifting :)

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