Enjoying the Sheen Train Wreck?: Here Are 12 Quotes You May Have Missed


Seems this last week has been all about the crazy train Sheen is driving as it pulls into the “Winning Station”.

While I encourage this clown to continue to “bring it” (I love me a train wreck), I also ask him to quit hogging the track.

There are plenty of locomotives backing up behind the parked crazy train.  And, Charlie’s engine is blocking my view.

If you find yourself consumed with all things Charlie, pause for a moment and realize you are missing out on some perfectly good quotes; all brought to you by the albeit, “less impressive celebrity”.  Everyone from the soon-to-be former mayor of Chicago to Babs Streisand’s stepson is willing to say things almost as silly and idiotic.

Sure, they might not be worthy of being forever immortalized on the front of a collector’s t-shirt, they are definitely worth taking a listen to.

Don’t worry, Sheen will survive us not hanging on his every word for a few minutes while you take a peek.  Seriously, he’s got Gibson, Penn, and Andy Dick on his speed dial not to mention he is surrounded by goddesses…he’s in good company.

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