Brats are Not a Hollywood Exclusive: Instructions to Create Your Very Own Nightmare


Charlie Sheen thinks he is special.  I disagree.  There are a million “Charlies” out there and most can be spotted a mile away.  

There is a “Charlie” clone on the lap next to you in Friday’s Mommy and Me Class.  There are more than a few of the little clowns playing at recess behind Any School USA, and I would be willing to bet my life you might run into this type on more than one occasion at an Awards Night” highlighting the achievements of kids thanks to their talents as an athlete, musician, thespian, or band member.

If we are really honest with ourselves, chances are last Thanksgiving a “Charlie-in-the-making” was seated at your extended family table.  Every family has one.

As long as parents enable their children, make excuses for them, and never offer them the service of telling them NO, “Spoiled Charlies” will continue to be raised in many families.

It takes years to create one of these “darlings”.  And the end result is a monster crafted by their very own parents. 

Want a “Charlie” of your own…follow these instructions…and you, too, will have your very own little “effer” in the blink of an eye. 


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  • Love how Charlie Sheen is acting. His behavior would never go over well in a dictatorial or strict Islamic state. He would most likely be stoned in a public square. Go Charlie Go! Do it for America!

  • Is #4 someone's real play room? Wow, I thought I spoiled my kids. And #7 is why I'm shipping one of them off to preschool at age two.

  • In reply to VelvetMinxx:

    Yep, an actual playroom~#7 is where all the fun begins~I still roll my eyes thinking of some of the parents I met while my kids were in preschool~once they hit grammar school, I was shocked at the number of kids that had made it to 4th or 5th grade never having heard the word NO.
    Best gift a parent can give their kids is saying it early and often.

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    Amen. Trust, Me say no enough when they are young, and the teenage years will be much easier.

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