20 Gals Who Paved the Way for Nurse Jackie


Last night Season Three began over at All Saints Hospital.  Jackie Peyton was right where I last saw her; in the bathroom trying to figure out how the hell she was going to lie her way out of the situation she had gotten herself into.

Nurse Jackie is a pill-popping-vicodin-snorting-RN.  I love her and I do not know why.  She’s cheating on her husband, cheating on her boyfriend, stealing education money provided by her best friend to support her drug habit, rigging a pill dispenser to provide her poison while pointing her finger at a recovering addict/fellow nurse. 

On the surface, Jackie is an addict still searching for rock bottom.  Underneath, Jackie is a good person–she’s a nurse for crying out loud–and a damn good one at that.  She’s a wife, girlfriend, co-worker, friend, mother–the drug addiction is only one layer.  At least that is what I tell myself.

Showtime began this series a couple of years ago to focus on the people who really run the hospital–the nurses.  Jackie is a character I love.  She is an angel in disguise–so what if she has some faults– I try not to get hung up on the dirty details.

In order to fully appreciate Nurse Jackie, I have to remember some of the RNs who paved the way for Edie Falco’s character to fully shine.  I have to hand it to Falco, I never thought she could top her acting abilites after playing Carmela Soprano for all those years…with Jackie Peyton–she has hit the jackpot. 

Thanks to Showtime, nurses are finally given their due–if you can get past the addiction–you will see Jackie as the heroine she truly is.

Are any of these twenty among your favorites?  Who did I forget?


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  • Damn, something about Julie London, aka Nurse Dixie McCall, makes gwill want to skip bail on all other females, and check out of the game, fo reals.

    Crap, too bad she's dead, RIP sweetness.

  • What about Three's Company's fourth roomie, Nurse Teri Alden? Loved her cuz she was blonde, and super smart.

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