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Rules For Real Life 101~Today's Kids Don't Stand A Chance

Rules For Real Life 101~Today's Kids Don't Stand A Chance
Maybe you are like me.  Perhaps you have raised a couple of hooligans that are now tweens and teens.  Looking back, you might feel confident ~ hey, for all intents and purposes, they are pretty good kids. Then, they do something that completely knocks the wind out of you.  The little creeps appear angelic on... Read more »

DWTS: Week vote is for Brooke Burke to go home...

DWTS: Week vote is for Brooke Burke to go home...
Tonight is the night ~ someone has got to go home. I love this season of Dancing with the (ahem) Stars.  Sadly someone has to leave us tonight; how does that make you feel?  Makes me feel like I wish it was that boring-ass hostess taking a hike tonight. Jeeze Louise…she is–for lack of a... Read more »

20 Gals Who Paved the Way for Nurse Jackie

My all-time-favorite-former-nurse...Misery.  Kathy Bates played Annie Wilkes, a complete whack job, is all too happy to nurse her favorite author back to health following a car accident.  Paul makes the mistake of letting "his number one fan" read his latest transcript.  Once Wilkes discovers her favorite character has been killed off, she gets the sledgehammer and breaks the author's legs.  Let the re-write and nursing begin...
Last night Season Three began over at All Saints Hospital.  Jackie Peyton was right where I last saw her; in the bathroom trying to figure out how the hell she was going to lie her way out of the situation she had gotten herself into. Nurse Jackie is a pill-popping-vicodin-snorting-RN.  I love her and I do... Read more »

The Office: 25 Favorite Quotes Courtesy of the Boss

Six years ago, The Office premiered as a mid-season replacement.  At first, ratings were shaky.  And, now, looking back, I understand~like many viewers, I was stuck over on channel 7 watching Grey’s Anatomy.  At the end of the third season over at Seattle Grace…just about the time the series began to flatline…I called it…pronounced it... Read more »

Lent for Dummies

You might be sitting on the train wondering why the guy next to you doesn’t realize he has a forehead full of ash.  Or perhaps you can’t for the life of you figure out why Carol from accounting gave up her morning coffee run.  Every year around this time Carlos flakes on the regularly scheduled... Read more »

Dear Principal: The Teacher Hurt My Kid's Feelings xoxo Clueless Parent

News today out of Miami-Dade County reveals a “mean ole teacher” really hurt the heart and crushed the feelings of a precious second grader.   Here is a the story in a nutshell. Poor Joshua Innocent (seems to me the kid is going to be leaning on that last name for many, many years to come); being... Read more »

Lenten Promise: Everybody is Guilty When They Are Catholic

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the most solemn and depressing six weeks imaginable when you are the proud card carrying member of the Catholic Church; Ash Wednesday.  Nothing puts an exclamation point on “catholic guilt” more than the six-week season of Lent will.  Doesn’t matter what the weatherman says–Holy Week is always a cloudy, miserable... Read more »

Enjoying the Sheen Train Wreck?: Here Are 12 Quotes You May Have Missed

Seems this last week has been all about the crazy train Sheen is driving as it pulls into the “Winning Station”. While I encourage this clown to continue to “bring it” (I love me a train wreck), I also ask him to quit hogging the track. There are plenty of locomotives backing up behind the... Read more »

Another Use for the Retractable Saw: Cutting the Parental Apron Strings

Before I had the chance to change the channel this afternoon, Allison Rosati mistakenly began broadcasting in my front room.   The voice reminds me of nails on a chalkboard, her perkiness gets on my last nerve, and the fact she never seems to have the same co-anchor twice makes me think others think like I. ... Read more »

20 Top Tweets from @mayoremanuel...

"Word has it the 35th has set up a miniature Tokyo and has a big Godzilla suit for me to stomp it all with. Can't fucking wait!"
Today is the day Mayor-elect Emanuel pays the piper.  A few weeks ago, he appeared on the Roe and Roeper show over on WLS AM.  After talking for a bit and answering questions posed by listeners, Roe and Roeper asked Emanuel if he followed “the fake” guy on twitter. Rahmbo laughed and asked “Are you... Read more »