Snowsapalooza 2011 Activities: Ideas for the clueless parent

I weep for today’s youth.  What fun is finding out about a snow day thanks to a district-wide robocall eighteen hours before the start of the “day in question”?  Further proof these clowns are screwed: a link on the district website with “ideas” for parents wondering what to do with these hooligans when faced with eighteen-hour notice regarding a day off.

Now, I admit when I clicked on the suggested link, I wondered who could possibly be that clueless that they would have to consult with school provided ideas for snow day activities for their own children.  Based on the live coverage from LSD last night and early this morning, I realized there are plenty of idiots out there; sadly, stupid cannot be fixed…it must be coddled.

Life was so simple and uncomplicated back in the good old days of the mid-seventies.  Nothing provided pure joy more than Cuddly Duddly scampering out of his doghouse to give Ray Raynor your school’s name written on a piece of paper.  Ray would put on his coke-bottle lenses and read the name of the school as we sat at the edge of the couch with our fingers crossed.  Right after he confirmed St. Michael School in Orland Park and attached the paper to a pocket of his jumpsuit with a paperclip, we would jump up and down screaming on the tops of our lungs…SNOW DAY…SNOW DAY!!

Today’s kids would not appreciate Ray or Cuddly Duddly…no animation…no 3D glasses required to see them…kids today lack imagination–and they are being raised by knuckleheads who need a list of ideas to get them through the eight empty hours a snow day provides.  Here is a link to the link…take a peek at what the experts suggest I do with my soon-to-be twelve-year-old.  I pray author of list is not responsible for any lesson plan my kid endures on any given day. 

Seriously?  Look outside~recall the days of your youth~and you will see twenty one inches of ideas through the window…possibly more if your home is situated downwind and have some drifts to deal with.  Are parents of this generation really that clueless?  Do we need to depend on a “how-to-list” when it comes to dealing with our own children? 

May I boldly suggest some more suggestions for the idiots at heart?

Today’s kids are missing out on the “good stuff” we enjoyed from our childhood.  Thanks to technology, over-bearing school districts, and meddling parents they are missing out on the pure joy a snow day can provide.  I just got word tomorrow will bring Snowsapalooza Part II; chances are you did too.  Again, the district suggested “fun activites” posted on the website. 

We’re skipping puzzles and hide-and-seek.  No chance we’ll spend the day reading, making snowflake art, cooking, or collecting canned goods.  Nope, we’re having a race to see who can get dressed first.  Winner gets to choose which hill we will sled off of.  Enjoy this winter wonderland…kids don’t realize they are experiencing history they will tell their kids and grandkids about.  Let’s try not to screw up their memories.

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