Snow Kidding: Headlines buried by 2011 Blizzard

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Nothing like the snowstorm of the century to bring out the best in local news coverage.  If you have ever had the opportunity to view breaking news in any other market in the country, you will certainly agree Chicago News is heads and shoulders above the rest.  Even the snooze-fest Channel 2 provides will not put a viewer to sleep nearly as quick as tuning into any channel in, say, Phoenix, Az will.

What channel did you turn the dial to when looking for snow coverage?  Do you like your weather updates from a “perky” Tracy Butler?  I’ve grown bored of ABC7 in the A.M.  “Man-hands” Varren and her boastful bragging regarding her having the IDOT Minutemen on her speed-dial is exhausting.  Who needs to be tired so soon after waking?

CBS2…NBC5…both snooze-fests.  It really bugs me to watch “professionals” trip over words on a teleprompter.  FOX32 lost my interest once they sent Sirott and his coffee mug packing all those years ago…they may have since kissed and made up, but I’m still harboring bitterness.

WGN9 is really where it is at.  I found their six-hour coverage Wednesday morning fantastic.  Robin, Larry, Val, Paul, Pat, Ana, and Dean are entertaining on most mornings…yesterday’s take on the winter wonderland we woke to was like a gift.  

Looking out the window at 4:30 a.m. and considering a snow day home alone with my two clowns I considered my options.  I could laugh or cry.  Thanks to the folks at WGN, they started my day out with a much needed chuckle.

Whether it was the coverage of the “dashboard cam” on their ride into work, Robin’s questioning of the people stuck on LSD–“it’s not like you were in the middle of a cornfield–for God’s sake there were buildings right.across.the.street.”, Dean grilling burgers out in front of the station while refereeing relay races and tug-of-war contests of costumed animals, or Ana rolling her eyes at the jogger out in the early hours (isn’t there always one in the crowd), it was six hours of pure entertainment.  I guarantee you will not find that on any other station.

Sure the Blizzard of 2011 was breaking news~if you wanted snow totals, traffic updates(you’re kidding me, right???), or reporters reporting “seriously” from the street~change the channel.  If you want a realistic report with a laugh your ass off chaser, WGN gives it to you every single time.

Thanks to 24/7 snow coverage for the last three days, many of the breaking news stories have thankfully gotten lost in the shuffle.  So many times when something like a snowstorm, shooting, election, or other must see news story breaks, I wonder what they would have filled the broadcast with if this particular story wouldn’t have happened.

I imagine there are several “headlines” that got buried in the storm; their subject matter should consider themselves among the luckiest winners in the storm coverage ~ next to this viewer, of course.  Seems to me there are at least ten reasons the Blizzard of 2011 should be getting thanks for keeping some of these clowns out of the headlines.  Blizzard 2011 take a bow and please accept a virtual muffin basket from the knuckleheads you made life much easier on…at least for a few days…


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