Chicago Mayoral Race: Let the Freak Flags Fly



Hard to believe it has been nearly six months since Richie Daley announced he would not seek another term as Mayor of Chicago.  Even tougher to swallow are the names of characters listed on the final ballot. 


These six clowns represent the BEST Chicago has to offer?

mayoral-candidates-0115  credit cbs.jpg

I think we can all agree the campaign has provided plenty of “shits and giggles” as the candidates fought tooth and nail for the opportunity to move their belongings into the fifth floor office over at City Hall. 

Tonight we find out if there is a clear winner or if we have to endure another six weeks of campaigning thanks to a run-off.  While we wait for the results, let’s look back at the highlights (or lowlights, if you will) of the first mayoral campaign in sixty-four years that did not have an incumbent seeking office.

Ding Dong Daley might almost be gone… we should have been more careful what we wished for…

And, the craziest coverage of the campaign comes courtesy of Carol Moseley Braun and Patrica Van Pelt-Watkins…



SNL in its heyday could not have put together a skit this funny.  Patricia asking the tough questions we’ve all been wondering–where the hell has Carol been for the last twenty years?  Great question.

Carol breaking bad on Watkins by bringing up her long-since-over-past regarding her drug dependency.  While I laughed my ass off while the two sisters went at it, I found the expression shared by the two guys sitting in the middle of this throw-down absolutely priceless.

If Chico and del Valle were not “miked up”, I would imagine one said to the other–“What the fu*k is going on?”  Followed by a “what the hell were we thinking; who signed us on to appear at this circus??

I am sure that is what plenty of Chicago voters asked themselves when stepping into the voting booth today.

Many speculate Daley did not have the votes to run another campaign and stepped aside for another qualified candidate to run.  Take the guy with nine fingers out of the equation, and Daley could have beaten the other five with his eyes closed.  Had Daley been in the equation, chances are Emanuel would still be spreading his sunshine in DC.

Sure we have seen a kinder, gentler Rahm during the campaign, but he cannot keep this up much longer.  I’m thinking of putting together a “guess the day Mayor Emanuel comes completely unglued” pool right now…who is in??  

I do not care if I win, but I do want a front row seat. 

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