Charlie Sheen No Longer Hollywood's Biggest Jackass: His Father Reclaims The Crown

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In an interview with Sky News, Martin Sheen has confirmed my original opinion of him from all those years ago when he thought he was actually the president based on the character he was portraying at the time on The West Wing…he is a complete jackass.

In the interview, he likened the addictions Charlie faces to that of a cancer patient.  To quote Charlie’s dad, “He’s an extraordinary man.  If he had cancer, how would we treat him?  The disease of addiction is a form of cancer.”

Take a look at the two minutes of interview, so you can hear it in it’s full context:



Seriously, Marty??  Seriously?  Drug addiction is a form of cancer?  I suggest you consider taking on a role of a cancer patient in your next big screen adventure; spend some time with one of these folks to fully “get into character”.  You will find not only would not wish this diagnosis on your worst enemy, you will clearly see your son’s addiction is not worthy of being used in the same breath as cancer and the victims it takes hostage.



What part of your son’s drug/porn star addiction do you think likens it to a form of cancer?  The nausea he experiences after a thirty-six hour bender?  I have watched and listened to many a story of cancer patients puking their guts out following nausea courtesy of their weekly chemo treatment. 

If heaven only had cell phone reception, I’d get them on the hopper now and ask what they would do or give up not to have to experience that feeling.  Charlie has the ability to not get nauseated; he can suck it up and say no more.  Giving up chemo is not an option~the consequence is the death sentence coming sooner rather than later.

Is his addiction like cancer in that it causes him to become a shell of his former self?  Yeah, I know that feeling well.  In the past two years I have stood by and watched my sister-in-law, friend, and father get eaten away by cancer.  Once beautiful, strong, and full-of-life people becoming ravaged by a disease in which they had absolutely no control.  I never remember them “inviting cancer” into their relatively easy lives.

I feel your pain Mr. Sheen.  You probably look at your boy and remember the beautiful person he once was and now see the hollowed out former shell of himself that he has become due to his “disease”.  I had the same heartbreak when I looked at people I did not know anymore as the lid to the casket closed for the final time; all thanks to a disease so ugly it renders it’s victims unrecognizable.

While I do not make light of an addict’s demons, I believe free will gets them to rock bottom.  And a will to kick the habit, become clean and a better person drives them to sobriety.

If only a cancer patient had this option.

There are people fighting this disease from one end of the country to another.  Some are receiving chemo drips right now…plenty are heading home from radiation…many are either puking their guts out or mentally preparing themselves to a little later, following their treatment. 

Some are mothers who feel guilty for taking time out to lay on a bathroom floor waiting for the next round of dry heaves because they have children depending on them…others are men who need to work because they have families expecting food on the table and doctors that require payment upon treatment.  Imagine the kids that fall victim to this crap before they even reach kindergarten.

Charlie has a disease for sure~addiction is probably the best scenario when considering the other possibilities he could face based on the ladies he likes to spend his time with these days.

Your son also has the ability to lick his disease, unlike those given a life sentence of cancer.  Given the chance, I am sure most cancer patients would gladly give up all life’s riches to live just one healthy day with those they love.

Pardon my frankness, but your son is an idiot.  He is the highest paid actor on TV.  Although, I question this point as I do not think he is all that “good”.  Seems all his “roles” are just knock-offs of the clown he has become; a self-indulgent, drug addicted, alcoholic that parties it up with bimbos.  How is he a good actor if he always portrays himself?

If Charlie was my kid–45 years-old or not–I would smack the shit out of him.  Drag his ass to rehab and tell him to clean himself up.  If not for his sake or your sake, definitely for the kids he has sake.

Then I would head over to CBS and tell them ratings be damned, Charlie is through.  He doesn’t need the two million an episode~the two million an episode got him to where he is now.  An over-paid, spoiled, Hollywood brat with a bottomless bank account fueling the downward spiral his life has become.

In his spare time you and he should visit an oncology floor at a local hospital.  Watch a cancer patient gasp for their last breaths of air before “expiring” surrounded by family that could only hope for the opportunity to stop this disease in its tracks.

Marty, your kid has the opportunity to stop his “disease” in its tracks…something every family who has ever lost someone to cancer only wished they had.

Drug addiction is nothing like cancer.  We choose to become addicts…cancer chooses us.  There is a difference.

My dad always had a saying.  “If you wake up and your two healthy feet hit the floor, you’re the richest clown on earth.”  If you keep making excuses for your jackass son, Marty…one of these mornings Charlie’s feet aren’t going to make it to the ground.

Sadly, you, Hollywood drug dealers, and the well-lined pockets of CBS executives continue to enable Charlie.  It is time to say enough is enough and reclaim the extraordinary man you once knew. 

Please do not liken his addiction to cancer, and for pete’s sake, quit wasting God’s time with your prayer requests.  He is too busy answering the prayer of some kid who found out today that his mother may not live to see his next band concert. 


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  • Jeni
    Where does all this hate come from? This is his son! Do you have any children? We should all be forgiven for seeing the best in our children when there might not be much good to be seen. IF you have lost a child to substance abuse you might seem so callous and heartless (you really sound like a bitch). I am a physician and I can see the analogy untreated a cancer patient and person with substance abuse dies a little bit every day. Why the hate?

  • His dad didn't use the cancer/abuse as an anaolgy...he stated substance abuse is "a form of cancer"...that is where I take issue. I respect your opinion that a parent should stand by his child regardless of circumstance. If one of my kids was in a situation like Charlie/Martin's, I would hope I'd be by my kid's side...not across the pond doing PR for my latest movie.

    In fairness to Mr. Sheen, this crap has been going on for 30 years, he has no doubt grown use to it. Again, if my kid were in this situation, I would hope I would have nipped the problem long before it became a 30-year habit.
    Charlie is not your typical "addict"...and trust me I do have a heart for the typical ones...Sheen is nothing but a spoiled 45-year old brat. I think we all know where this story is headed.
    I prefer the title "strongly and passionately opinionated" to that of "bitch"...but we're all entitled to our opinion.
    Thanks for reading and for your comments~both are appreciated :)

  • I think you hit the nail on the head with "spoiled." Love your writing.

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