2011 Academy Awards Telecast: Yep, It Was THAT Bad...

I have not thought about “lemons and lollipops” since my senior year at MAA.  Every edition of our school paper contained a section called “Lemons and Lollipops”.

For one dollar, a student could “buy” the right to have a line published in this section.  A senior might plunk down a buck to say…”A Lemon to Sister Sandra for scheduling a test the first day back from spring break”.  Or, a freshman might drop a dollar on the chance to say…”A lollipop to my big sister Susie Q for making my first semester in high school easier”. 

During the holiday season money was exchanged for “Candy Canes and Coal”…the spring thaw brought “Flowers and Dandelions”.  I am sure you get the idea.

Last night’s Academy Awards Telecast brought me back to the immature nature of high school.  The entire evening reminded me of a very poorly-put-together school play.  And, the underlying theme of “awards” made me think of “Lemons and Lollipops”.

So, in today’s blog, I’ll award my own Lemons and Lollipops based on what I viewed last night.  As painful as it was, I did manage to find a few highlights…as few and far between as they might have been.

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