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2011 Academy Awards Telecast: Yep, It Was THAT Bad...

Who was responsible for thinking Hathaway and Franco would equal Oscar Ratings Gold...back to the drawing board...The 84th Annual Academy Award Telecast is right around the corner.  My suggestion for bringing the youth audience next year...tweet it...the responses and reactions I read last night were priceless...and kept me awake...and I am old.
I have not thought about “lemons and lollipops” since my senior year at MAA.  Every edition of our school paper contained a section called “Lemons and Lollipops”. For one dollar, a student could “buy” the right to have a line published in this section.  A senior might plunk down a buck to say…”A Lemon to Sister Sandra... Read more »

Facebook Home Page: The White House Edition

Facebook Home Page: The White House Edition
Michelle Obama recently told the world her daughters are not allowed access to Facebook.  She and the President are making a wise choice.  There are many adults who should not be granted permission for an account.  Some people for better or worse offer far too much information…spell like a first grader…have no understanding of basic... Read more »

Girl Scouts Gone Wild: Local Police Department Takes a Bite out of Cookie Sales

Thanks to the quick thinking and action taken by Villa Rica’s finest, strip malls across this sleepy Georgia town have returned to business as usual. Meanwhile, fundraising table dodgers across the nation leap to their feet and applaud the boys in blue for standing firm in enforcing the rules as they apply in their town.... Read more »

Charlie Sheen No Longer Hollywood's Biggest Jackass: His Father Reclaims The Crown

In an interview with Sky News, Martin Sheen has confirmed my original opinion of him from all those years ago when he thought he was actually the president based on the character he was portraying at the time on The West Wing…he is a complete jackass. In the interview, he likened the addictions Charlie faces... Read more »

Chicago Mayoral Race: Let the Freak Flags Fly

Do you follow the "fake" Rahm on twitter?  It has been the highlight for me during the campaign.  Whoever is writing the 140 characters or less tweets based on Emanuel's daily/hourly whereabouts is, in a word, hysterical.  May I also add spot-on, vulgar, and witty--you would almost swear it was Emanuel himself writing the stuff.  I cannot wait to follow tonight while I watch election returns..."alterRham" should be priceless.
  Hard to believe it has been nearly six months since Richie Daley announced he would not seek another term as Mayor of Chicago.  Even tougher to swallow are the names of characters listed on the final ballot.    These six clowns represent the BEST Chicago has to offer? I think we can all agree the... Read more »

Teens Do Not Come With Instructions: Lucky For Their Parents, The Brats Know Everything

This picture was drawn by my seven-year-old about nine years ago when he thought his family was the “bee’s knees”…today, he thinks we are complete idiots…the life of a parent seems like a rollercoaster when facing the “teenage years”…I hope I come out of this stage unscathed…     Part ll Discovering my once delightful child... Read more »

Raising Kids Requires Patience, Humor, and a Good Memory

Sixteen years ago I received the best advice in the form of a baby shower gift.  Inside a beautifully wrapped gift box was a gorgeous baby blanket lovingly crocheted by the wife of a co-worker.  Attached to the blanket was a note written by Earl, a sixty-something father of four, grandfather of six.  It simply said: ... Read more »

You Are What You Eat: If you shop at Dominick's chances are you are EXPIRED

Jill Cataldo is known in Chicagoland as the Coupon Queen, providing a blog and teaching classes at area libraries that help shoppers everywhere save on their grocery bill bottom line. I started following Jill Cataldo~The Coupon Queen~last March.  A friend of mine recommended participating in her “coupon class” offered at the local library.  While I didn’t... Read more »

Television Sweeps: The View + Staged Controversy = Ratings Bonanza

Television Sweeps: The View + Staged Controversy = Ratings Bonanza
…Academy Award Winning Actress, Whoopi Goldberg (p.s. she’s also won an Emmy, Tony, and a Grammy…but who is counting…apparently she is…)   Get out the heating pad and grab an ice pack from the freezer.  Seems Whoopi Goldberg’s over-inflated, Oscar winning ego has flared up again.  She was bitching up a storm over on the View... Read more »

The Family Dinner: A Recipe for Disaster...

Growing up harmoniously in a family blessed with six kids born in a span of ten years brought a laundry list of rules.  Dad made it pretty clear early on that these were not mere suggestions, they were law, “as long as we lived under his roof” they were to be followed, “cased closed”.  Needless to say, these regulations were not... Read more »