Oprah Winfrey OWNed: she's still a big, fat fraud...

Oprah Winfrey OWNed: she's still a big, fat fraud...


Did you happen to tune in to the “self-proclaimed” best interview evvvvvverrrrr last night?  Piers Morgan debuted his CNN chat fest with the best guest ever; apparently it’s going to be all downhill from here on out following the last question he posed to Lady O.  How could it not?  All other guests will forever be overshadowed by the prominent guest that graced his couch last night.

Far be it from me to take anything away from Oprah; she has managed to put a big exclamation point right next to Chicago on the map.  I cannot even begin to imagine the droves of her “faithful followers” that have undoubtedly made an annual pilgrimage to Chi-town with the hopes of running into her highness along the Mag Mile.  Fools.  Must be a secret us locals share.  She does not hobknob with mere mortals; it is beneath her.

Why did I tune in last night you might ask?  Because I always tune in.  It is an opportunity to play a drinking game; I am very “hands on” when it comes to anything Oprah ~ whether it be her show, magazine, or a rare interview in which she answers the tough questions rather than asking them herself.  

Right after I set my DVR, I got the margaritas and my lucky liquor “shooter” ready.  My plan last night was to chug-a-lug my way into oblivion by tossing one back each and every time she mentioned OWN to Piers.  I figured I would be in the bag before the first commercial break.

Hindsight is 20/20.  Looking back, my efforts to keep a buzz going would have been better served had I lifted the shot glass to my lips everytime O mentioned her BFF.  If you watched, you can only imagine the hangover I would be nursing today had I followed those rules.

My opinion of Oprah at the beginning of the interview was the same at the end ~no ahh-ha moment for this viewer.  I still think she is a big, fat fraud.  

I find most things about Oprah phony.  Let’s start with the vast amount of accents she dazzles us with depending on who she is trying to impress at any given time.  Did she not listen when Piers Morgan said he banned Madonna from his show based, among other things, on her phony accent?  Nah, she wouldn’t have paid attention to that; didn’t pertain to her.  The majority of the interview was spent going back and forth and in and out of the British, Southern, Southern Black, and Chicago “sista” accents.  Made me dizzy.

Was I shocked when she went on and on about the money she gives to charity now and plans to give away when she leaves the earth for good?  No. Although, I must say I got quite a chuckle when Morgan mentioned she gave $300 million away to charities and she corrected him.  While she wouldn’t give a firm figure, she made it perfectly clear it was way more that the paltry amount he suggested.  Oprah must have missed the lesson regarding good deeds; if more than two people know about a good deed, it’s not a good deed anymore.

How about the B.S. revelation that while she does not need a therapist, (oh, good Lord~if anyone is a therapists’ dream, this gal is) if she was to make a weekly appointment she’d definitely book it with Doctor Phil.  Doctor Phil???  Are you kidding me?  When was the last time she watched that show?  Nope, she’s convinced he is heads and shoulders above the rest.  In her bestest southern/Chicago “sista” accent she told Piers “Phil cuts through it”…”he’s gooooood”.  Okay, Oprah, since you say so.  But, I’m still not convinced Phil possesses credentials.  Oh, he is an official “something” for sure…but I am not certain it is a doctor.

I could barely contain my giggles when Piers suggested O was America’s Queen and she graciously accepted the honor (it will, of course, become official once a tiara big enough for her head can be found…not sure about you but I’m not holding my breath waiting for that day).  And, of course, when he likened Steadman to Prince Philip, as he is always in the background while at the same time available if needed for his lady.

Steadman, poor Steadman.  If only Oprah had spent half the time and passion describing her man as she did describing her best friend, I might be convinced their love is a match made in heaven rather than the corridor of convenience.  Lady O admitted she didn’t always love Steadman ~ this moment came when he informed her degrading info was hitting the press thanks to a family member selling her out for (gasp…followed my billionaire eye-roll) twenty-thousand dollars (hey~to some of us $20,000 IS a fortune, Lady).  She told Morgan,  “At that moment I knew, I knew…he would stand in for me and stand up for me.” 

Well, while Steadman stands in for her I marvel at the relationship O shares with her BFF.  Whether it be in the Escalade they traveled cross country in their last big adventure, shopping for tents and sleeping bags, today’s Austraila Part One episode as they sped through that Aussie town on a golf cart with Oprah behind the wheel in her khakis and Gayle riding shotgun in her sundress engrossed in conversation that came so easily, or last night’s revelation that Gayle holds the key to her safety deposit box.  One thing is clear, they each hold the key to the others’ heart.  And, what is wrong with that??

It is not for me, you, Barbara Walters, or Piers Morgan to decide what their “real relationship” really is.  I wish Oprah would just embrace whatever it is~and come clean, already.  Talk about an ahh-ha moment~the earth will shake to its core.  And, stock in Oprah’s favorite macaroni and cheese brand will plummet.  I have a sinking feeling that revelation could cure her “eating her feelings’ problem that has plagued her for years. 

Did all these phony moments accented so boldly in this particular interview convince me she still remained the fraud I had almost always thought she was?  No…not entirely.

Was it the part in the interview where she figured suicide was the way out rather than bring a child into the world at fourteen?  Not really…Or the part where she knew her second chance came in the form of a dead child?  Getting warmer… How about when she likened herself to a “messenger” bringing the good news of self-worth, becoming your best self, bringing betterment to the people, along with an underlying spirituality?  After that revelation I was convinced I was watching Jesus’ long lost sister taking human form here on a CNN couch.  Does that make her a fraud?  Not really~not as much as it makes her an egomaniac–no breaking news there.

It was the part where she convincingly answered the question posed to her regarding her “brand”.  “Oh, Piers”, she swooned, “my braaaand is loooove”.  Love?  Love?  Couple that revelation with her sly smile when Piers alluded to the fact the jumbo jet and “promise” of Travolta flying her favorite fans to Australia all on a Harpo stage last September, a stunt…she didn’t like the term stunt (although her slight smile let me think that is exactly what it was) and broke Mr. Morgan down until he apologized.

Let me tell you an “alleged” story about the one-named-woman-sent-from-above-to (kick in your favorite accent her) “spread the love” way back when her skills in the stunt business were just getting started.

Many moons ago~in the early 1990’s when Michael Jordan and the Bulls were experiencing some very good years, and around the same time Oprah was a household name and talkshow sensation~many of my friends from high school had long since graduated college and were out experiencing real life in the form of a career with a steady paycheck.  From time to time, we would all meet up at a local watering hole and toss back ice cold beers to catch up.

One particular night we gathered to pick up the spirits of our friend who had just lost a patient.  We were all gabbing back and forth keeping the mood light when one friend asked if we had seen that morning’s episode of Oprah.  The nurse cut her off with her firm statement, “that woman is a bitch”.

Our friend was an oncology nurse at a children’s hospital in the city.  Part of her job was to make phone calls when a child’s prognosis was not good.  A call was made to a celebrity for a visit, a travel agent for a trip, or a local business to provide a day of fun. 

A patient on her floor, suffering from leukemia, had a last wish to visit with Oprah.  I remember hearing this and shaking my head while I thought–that poor kid must have been delirious–how sick must she have been to request Oprah?  The R.N. friend continued.  A wish was a wish~so, she went to the rolodex and made the call.

“Allegedly” the Lady with all the looooove to spread agreed to the visit.  She’d have to rearrange her schedule and get together a camera crew…hopefully they could pencil a visit in for the following week…R.N. friend stopped her right there~hospital policy was no “last wish” visits accompanied by camera crews were allowed.  Long story short and needless to say, the stunt never took place. 

The kid’s back-up wish was a visit from Michael Jordan.  A call was made and he was there within the hour.  “Allegedly”, in comparison, Jordan had his own policy…the only way he would visit the hospital to fulfill a wish was under two conditions.  One: as long as he was in tri-state area…and two: as long as NO cameras were present.

So, there you have it.  She is a big, fat fraud.  I don’t care how much money you have, amount of love you have to spread, or what higher power sent you here to bring us closer to embrace ourselves, if your “brand” is all about the love, how is it making the world a better place if you must accompany good deeds with stunts to make them over-the-top and television worthy?

I did not find out anything “really” new about Lady O last night.  Certainly nothing worthy of me changing my opinion about her.  I admire her for rising up above a troubled childhood to make something of herself.  She is nothing if not tenacious.  But, I admit, I still do not like her.  But last night, as I tossed back my final shooter of margarita after she mentioned watching a documentary about Martin Luther King, Jr. right before OWN debuted, I felt pity for her.

Why pity?  I will tell you why.  Pity because during her semi-ugly cry at the mere mention of MLK, she relayed the story of telling Steadman that “he” would be proud of her at this moment.  Like a majority of “success stories”, the higher and higher they climb, the more they forget about the people who got them there.  While I have no doubt the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. had a great impression on this little, colored girl from Tennessee, he is probably not the only one who would be proud.

Imagine the pride of her parents.  The people she has long-since written off.  We, all of us, no matter who we are, what we become or hope to become, owe it all to the two people who brought us into the world.  Without them, we would have nothing.  Maybe their daughter is not rushing to thank them, but I don’t think I am alone in my wish to extend my thanks to the people responsible for bringing this “treasure” into my front room each morning.  Some of the “most successful stories”  have shortest memories.  Dr. Phil should clear a standing appointment for the lady…Ms. Forgetful needs it.


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  • Oprah, I love you!
    I have 10 great ideas for amazing television shows.
    Like Dad Court. Of race to a Million, a show where competing entrepreneurs are each given $50,000 to $100,000 and then we watch each week to see which new business generates a million dollars in sales or net profits. Lot's more ideas. ernie@onpageone.com

  • Jen, did you drink a whole gallon of Haterade today or what?

    1. Oprah's "accents" have been a part of her personality since day one. Most longtime fans are aware of that. Besides, I find it comedic. Get over it. 2. Oprah did not "go on and on" about how much money she has given to charity. In actuality, Piers Morgan did. She only corrected his report and refused to give exact figures to a number of his inquiries aside from those that are charitable. 3. She has experience working with Dr. Phil during the beef trial. So be it, if she likes his form of 'treatment.' And besides, dislike him or not, no one is telling you who to choose as your therapist. 4. Like it or not, Oprah is an American treasure. You apparently saw the Australia show today. It's undeniable. She's our "Queen" and a great ambassador. 5. You, nor I, know much of anything of her relationship with Steadman and only peripherally of that with Gayle. You don't want anyone scrutinizing your own love(s), or do you? 6. And your hear-say story (tertiary, at best, because I'm sure the RN didn't speak to Oprah herself) from your friend is basically inadmissible. There is much more context needed than one from your snarky perspective. And is it really that strange for a TELEVISION personality, to consider cameras. I get your bewilderment...a little. But...umm, no. 7. Piers Morgan framed the MLK, Jr. question because the show aired on the holiday. It was a logical deduction for Oprah to have reflected on King's legacy. He probably and more than likely WOULD have beeen proud of Oprah. Why not? And that was the nature of the question...NOT on how her family may feel. You lost me there.

    So all in all, why are you SO mad?

  • In reply to HypnotiqOne:

    everyone is entitled to their opinion...she may be your Queen...she's not mine:) Thanks for reading!

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    It's so easy to criticize, isn't it? You are criticizing, rather than being a critic. One way to tell the difference is to understand your reply to the hypnotique's response as dismissive. It is generally accepted that if you want to dish it in public, on an internet forum with your picture posted, you should be able to either 'take' it and/or thoughtfully respond.

    All public figures, ALL of them, are human and can be criticized. Oprah is not an elected official. Her ratings and media abilities got her where she is today. Critics are helpful, but you should ask yourself - as I ask myself - if she is harming anyone, and in what way. You clearly use selective memory to judge parts of her life. But really, her life is her life. You can still dislike the way she presents herself, but your harsh words show that you don't have enough to do and aren't able to be a thoughtful critic.

    I always wonder how I'd feel if people published comments on all MY personal details and questioned my every move. Oprah's personal life really ISN'T our business, even if she shares it. But she knows people will use her confessions, whether partial or more, to judge her negatively.

    If she can take it, surely you can.

  • In reply to MidwestGirl:

    I certainly did not intend to be dismissive to hypnotiqueOne's response; we clearly have two different opinions and saw the interview differently.

    Oprah's personal life isn't any of my business...however, I'm entitled to my opinions about any of it that has been put out there for millions to view...kinda like your opinion of me having nothing better to do after you read my blog. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, to praise or criticize. I'm sure Oprah can take it--she's got 2.7 Billion reasons why...I assure you, I too can take it...it's all part of putting it out there. Thank you for reading and your well thought comments.

  • In reply to MidwestGirl:

    With all due respect, B.S.

    If Oprah chooses to put personal details out there for people to see, then they BECOME the public's business. If she wants her details private, she should keep them that way. Nobody forced her into the public eye--she forced herself there. Good for her, but frankly, I don't care what color potatoes she eats, what her favorite macaroni and cheese is, or what her "favorite things" are.

    She's set herself up as the Messiah of the American Woman. She worships herself and expects all others do the same. (Ain't she supposed to be moving to California, anyway??? What IS holding up that moving van????)

  • In reply to AaronChgo:

    "Ain't she supposed to be moving to California, anyway??? What IS holding up that moving van????"

    HAHAHAHH! Just spit out my coffee. Right on.

  • In reply to AaronChgo:

    Best article I have read in ages. Thank God more and more people are seeing through the public persona veneer of the great and powerful OPRAH.

    I think you were very fair in your assessment of her, giving reasons for why you feel the way you feel; AND - you are not the first Chicago-ite I have seen to reveal glimpses of the "real" Oprah.

    She IS a fraud, but she is a successsful fraud. For that I must give her kudos. It must be difficult to snow an entire nation (and even the world).

  • In reply to MidwestGirl:

    "Her ratings and media abilities got her where she is today."
    I thought eating out the jewish wives of the owners of channel 7 is what got her where she is today.She certainly has no talent.Dr(?) Phil was the Bartender at Barney's " Hello Senetor" Cafe on Fulton near Halsted Chicago for years.So I heard.

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    There should be a LOVE IT button up there, because "like" doesn't cut it. Great job!

  • In reply to DavidWallach:

    thanks for reading...and especially for the compliment~my ego got a bit bruised a few comments ago~ this post makes up for it :)

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    GREAT report. Sorry about the rambling; Oprah brings it out of me. I have been in Chicago since 1980 and have disliked Oprah since the beginning. Heaven strike you down if you say anything bad about Oprah; yea right. When i think of Chicago, Oprah is not even on my list why I love Chicago. As you could probably guess she is not why I came to Chicago or why I still live here. She has established a cult of mindless followers. Really, "American treasure"; "she's our Queen and a great ambassador" and who annointed her so? Oprah speaks; they rejoice, cry, laugh, nod their heads and do whatever Oprah commands. They are puppets. I am glad her show is over, but sorry she is still in television. It was a great day for television when she decided to leave, but a sorry day for networks when she decided to start her own. The Beef trial is just another example of the many stunts she pulls and yes I said stunts and am sticking to it. Just another example of Oprah casting her opinion/version/spell onto millions and feeding her "holier than thou" attitude. I could go on, but am tired and sorry that I gave Oprah this much time, effort, and thought. Great perspective and right on. As always in the US; we all have our opinions and the right to voice them. It doesn't make us wrong, mad, or delusional. It's just our opinion.

  • In reply to cuban:

    as I'm sure you've already figured out...O brings out the rambling in me as well. Thanks for validating my opinion about the stunts...talk about hitting the nail on the head i.e. beef trial...I'm thankful Comcast only provides the OWN network via box/upgraded package...just another example of how she has forgotten the "little people"...Thanks again for your comments, and of course for reading!

  • In reply to cuban:

    The basis for the article's attack on Oprah is an "alleged" story, which corresponds to an instance of the kind of surrender that you deplore in "Mr. Morgan." Whatever your reasons and Morgan's reason may be, consciously or not, or both. The point is you have unsuccessfully contrived a story to denigrate not only Oprah's actions or perceived actions, but her body. All that your have asserted to reach this inexcusable insult against Oprah fly in the face of real evidence as to suggest that you are the one with some serious issues, which certainly have nothing to do with Oprah per se.

  • In reply to patwest:

    I assure you~"alleged" story is not contrived in any way, shape, or form. The only thing insulting is a celebrity that refused a visit based on a "no-camera" policy. I stand by my "alleged" story.

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    If the story is true, why use the term "alleged?" You write....

    "Long story short and needless to say, the stunt never took place."

    I would like to hear the "long story." You are making an assumption that Oprah did not visit the hospital because she was not allowed to put it on television. Do you know, for a fact, that Oprah did not visit the hospital for that reason? Do you have any evidence to support that?

    Did you even attempt to contact Oprah to get a comment about the incident? Wouldn't you want somebody to contact you before publishing a story like that to the world?

  • In reply to CNOmbudsman:

    Does Oprah contact people before she puts stories out to the world? When she has something negative to say about someone or gives sarcastic comments about them, does she contact them first? I can tell you that answer: no, she does not. Why should anyone give her more courtesy than she gives anyone else? She forgot the Golden Rule long ago. She doesn't treat others as she wants treated. It's one of the reasons I quit watching or believing her.

  • In reply to 2True:

    This columnist did more than express a negative opinion. She published her unfounded speculation as fact: That Oprah refused to visit a dying child in a hospital because of the "no cameras" policy. That probably qualifies as libel.

  • In reply to JulesJim:

    Yep - just like I mentioned yesterday, libel.
    Webster definition of libel: a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression.
    Defame: to hurt the reputation of (someone or something) especially by saying things that are false or unfair.

    So yeah

  • In reply to 2True:

    @2TRue -

    Actually, yes, Oprah does contact people before putting stories out to the world - she has a staff full of the most talented producers in the world who do just that.

    This post went far beyond making a few "sarcastic comments" or "saying something negative." The author presented an account of Oprah ignoring a sick child at a hospital because she was not able to gain from it professionally. Then, without attempting to get a response from Oprah to see if the story is indeed true, the author used it to make a long-winded attack on the talk show host's character.

    As other commenters have alluded to, this could be considered libel. However, libel is extremely difficult to prove in court, which is probably why this author is allowed to publish these claims without any fact-checking on a Tribune-owned website.

    My question to the author stands. Did you even attempt to contact Oprah to get a comment about the incident? Are you contacting her now?

  • In reply to CNOmbudsman:

    Let us not forget this wonderful Oprah quote, from a Newsweek interview:

  • In reply to CNOmbudsman:

    My mother has hoarding disorder big-time -- a subject which O has beat every penny out of. She's also a huge O fan. If O was to set it up, that would be the ONLY intervention my mom would allow. My sisters and I have written 3 times asking for her to help. Not even the courtesy of a reply from a staffer. And yes, mom is in and from Chicago. Then there was the S.Africa school. I've lived in Africa. Rather than giving a relative handful of kids UNIFORMS and books and such, how about getting kids a polio vaccination, so they can live with all their limbs? How about twice as many kids in school in the clothes they wear every day? How about you not spend more telling us about what you're giving than you spend on the gift itself?
    I don't think this woman does ANYTHING out of "love"... unless it's unmitigated love for self.

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    "POPE-RAH"? as a brilliant commentary once said-- Bye-bye -- Enough.

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    So let me get this straight: A decade or more ago, while you and she were drinking, a friend told you that she spoke with someone associated with Oprah's show (your friend didn't speak with Oprah herself, certainly), and according to this Oprah employee, Oprah would not visit the patient because no cameras were allowed during the visit? And this is your main basis for constructing this rather pointless and mean-spirited essay regarding Oprah as a "big fat fraud"? As HypnotiqOne stated, this is hearsay upon hearsay. While I do think you actually believe every purported fact related in your anecdote -- i.e., what you say your friend said about what Oprah's purported employee said -- any reasonable, objective person who doesn't already have a bias against Oprah would accord your "alleged" factual account the weight it deserves. Which is none.

    Really: Why ARE you so angry?

  • In reply to patwest:

    People get really defensive when someone rips into Oprah. It's kind of like when you attack diet soda...It's like she has artificial sweetener for blood, so people get addicted to her.

    I went to one of her shows, the week after her 50th birthday celebration. To be honest, she was kind of rude to the audience that day. The girl I went with was crushed b/c she is a huge Oprah fan. I realize that we all have bad days, but she is at work when she is on TV, so suck up your Birthday Celebration hangover, smile and be polite.

  • In reply to patwest:

    She's not so much a fraud as a hypocrite, Jen, and that is why her haters feel so strongly. Many celebreties and politicians let the public see only a calculated image; phoney-ness is almost a given, so it's not really about fat fraudulence. As for ego, wouldn't you end up thinking you were sumpin' special if your local morning talk show ended up earning you a bazillion dollars, millions of fawning fans, and a national voice loud enough to sell books, magazines, and presidential candidates? I think so, although that still does not excuse the need to put airbrushed, photoshopped pictures of yourself on 10+ years of eponymous magazines, but I digress...

    The thing that separates you, me, and every other so-called O-basher is that our hypocrisy meters simply are more finely-tuned than the majority of the rest of the national populace. In fact, my own BS-O-Meter went off the dial from Big O's humble beginnings on AM Chicago, and I can only explain everything that ensued as some sort of Faustian pact with the Devil, since it is otherwise so confounding in its unlikelihood.

    What you and I cannot abide is the pure hypocrisy of it all--a child of clearly humble beginnings who seeks to help others and yet lives like royalty--a confidant of the nation who refuses to confide her own real truths--a provider of largess that comes not from her own purse but from corporations in need of an advertising campaign.

    That's what irks us, and well it should. In a word, it stinks.

  • In reply to patwest:

    Love this: "Oprah must have missed the lesson regarding good deeds; if more than two people know about a good deed, it's not a good deed anymore."

    That's right, after two people know about it, it's not a good deed, it's called "publicity"

    I like your article Jen!!

  • In reply to sadsweeper:

    well said! I liked this too!

  • In reply to sadsweeper:

    If Oprah is so great, then why is it that Comcast doesn't have OWN on the basic XFINITY channel line-up? Surely, OWN must be more important than Hallmark Channel, Lifetime Movies, or NBC/Universal Sports?

    Personally, I'm glad that Oprah is retiring the talk show. Then, I won't have to stay up until 12:05 to watch Jimmy Kimmel.

  • In reply to ckfred:

    it's because they have to change the lineup. Oprah took Discovery, which was a news block this is the same issues with my RCN they have to move it now to lifestyle, because it's not news anymore. They just left it there. dumb move. Doesn't she own Oxygen? I thought they would grab that and rename it. but oh well, so I can't get another block so I can't see the network. I want to to check out the new shows for the most part.

  • In reply to ajwmedia:

    No, NBC/Universal bought Oxygen, and Oprah had already left the ownership, when the purchase by NBC was announced.

  • In reply to ckfred:

    Thanks, I was wondering...

  • In reply to ajwmedia:

    Aside from the fact that this article is WAAAAAAY to long, and I really lost interest within the first page of opinions based on...nothing. I don't like her either, but you saying she is a fraud is minorly libelous and really I saw nothing in this LONG article that would really indicate that she is a fraud, which by the way is a strong word. According to this article, you seem to be fond of alcoholic beverages, maybe that's the issue in this writing.
    I do not like the "O", in fact I do think that she is far overrated and does do things to draw attention. Whether one thinks that these deeds are truly good or fake, it does not make someone a fraud.
    You would have been better off providing a link to the interview video that you are basing your story on, and maybe commenting for a few paragraphs on it. Not rambling for 5 pages. I wish I could get my 10 minutes of reading back - yes 10 minutes because I had to go back to the top and figure out where the facts were...

  • In reply to offended1:

    LOL yes, I think the topic got off point...I agree 'fraud' is ill used here. Just to note, articles for the web really shouldn't be more thqn 600 words because just as stated, folks don't want to read it that long. I did it because I wanted to see why so angry regarding Oprah, but seems more like a rant to me from years ago regarding your friend who wanted her to come to the hospital, then what she is doing today. Folks change, even Oprah. Steadman is a nice guy too, whom I meet.

  • In reply to offended1:

    FIVE pages??? Did you seriously print it out?? Wow!...not only will you not get back those ten minutes of reading, imagine the ink you wasted...sorry, I will continue to work on my condensing skills--I appreciate your advice...:)

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    Didn't print it out. It's an educated guess, and if I was right - then I am just that good.

  • In reply to offended1:

    You must be that good...I'd guess three and a half, but I'll take your word for it. Just for you offended1, I promise to give my best effort to write a more concise entry next time--I hope you'll consider reading it--pencil me in for say five minutes...who knows, maybe you'll find upcoming "material" more to your liking--based on your screen name, though, I believe I have my work cut out for me. Thanks for taking the time to comment:)

  • In reply to offended1:

    Piers Morgan is the same arrogant SOB who mocked President Bush for falling off the segway, then fell off a segway himself. Just because you have a British accent does not make you smart and interesting.

    Reminds me of the line from of 'A Fish Called Wanda,' "You British think you're sooooo superior."

  • In reply to offended1:

    Thanks Jen. As a black man, I've caught a lot if grief over the years because I didn't worship at the O altar. While I believe she's done exceptional well for herself, I've never been convinced that she did any of it because she's a super philantropist. I see her, as I see Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and other very astute business people who have succeeded. Thanks for the laugh about the array of accents...phony! She is so very much a chameleon that I wonder does she know who she is any more. Great blog!


  • In reply to JayBoy:

    Good comment - except I wouldn't lump Warren Buffet in this same group. He does not always seek out the spotlight. After his earning of much wealth others have seeked him out - somtimes in public so of course others will see. And he has graciously helped many out. He doesn't advertise everytime he helps others, you just don't see that side (of course because he hides it).

  • In reply to JayBoy:

    I'm glad you didn't have too much of a hangover to write a fairly coherent post:) Oprah is an actress, always has been, always will be. Let's hope that her fans realize that. I think some people get upset when she makes politics her business instead of sticking to her craft--as they should be. BTW, you made me homesick for the Midwest with your reference to "the front room."

  • In reply to ckfred:

    fuck yea jenl! great read. i didnt know much about all this stuff, but i believe it. she's mad hollywood. and the stuff about wanting the spotlight on her charity stuff is disgusting. it is clear that she's more interested in trumpeting her own horn about helping people rather than...actually helping people.

    u should watch the southpark episode about oprah, it's excellent. cheers

  • In reply to ckfred:

    Jen for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was one of those women standing in line 20 years ago on State Street waiting to get into the show-prior to syndication. There were a bunch of white males in suits watching us and talking with a few. They wanted to know why were we standing outside in the cold waiting for this show. That is how O got where she is. She in no smarter than many other people; just in the right place at the right time.

    Bob, I too was completely through after that Newsweek comment. I work in Chicago's inner city schools and don't get it twisted. We have some problems but we also have some of the best students in the world. They looked at O as an Icon and many had hurt feelings after that.

    I too get beat up if I don't drool over O. I place no one on that kind of pedestal.

    There are a lot of unemployed, good people who o could help but that is not really her focus. It is difficult for people who have worked hard at hard jobs to sit at home and watch her flaunt her wealth.

    As for publicity stunts...of course they are. The Australian government/bureau of tourism paid for that trip. Pontiac paid for the cars and on and on. I have no problem with using the advertisers but tell the truth. O has not written a check for squat. Ooops, except the million dollars she gave Gayle which led to the demise of her marriage and the salary she pays Steadman to keep his mouth shut. Look into his past....colorful.

    I won't bore you with the many stories of her Nastiness but she is just that.

  • In reply to sadsweeper:

    This is offensive. There is no reason to write words of hate about a person you don't know, and that has lived her life the way she's wanted to-and accomplished much. It's interesting to me when mediocre people criticize someone of excellence. You talk about her overcoming adversity as a little Black girl from TN as if-yeah anyone can do it. You sure didnt have to.I'm proud of her. because being Black and female is a metaphysical delimna I still haven't conquered. And the world surely doesn't understand. I know you don't.

    Her relationship with her parents is strained; I'm sure she learned in therapy that you may forgive your parents for abuse but that doesn't mean you have to let them back in your life. She honors them by taking care of them. What more should she do for two people that were not able to fully do the same for her. I'm sure it's a process. And being sexually abused is no JOKE. There are serious issues that stem from that; the lack of trust towards the people whose only job is to protect you is unbearble. It takes God-not a therapist to relieve that.

    In closing, She's a very busy woman that is a celebrity and she's going to make mistakes; like I do daily. The only difference is hers are amplified. I'm sure the people who have benefitted from her miillions dollars of charity could care less if she brags about it. If you were homeless, uneducated, or desitute would you? She does not have to do ANYTHING that she does,a nd being a giver is a spiritual principle I think she has mastered.

    As a Black woman that has accomplished what she has, I expect haters. And yes love, MLk would be proud. I think you should start sowing some of the principles that Oprah is reaping from so that you can stop beiing a hater, and become the Oprah you so desperately want to be.

  • In reply to blacksocialite2009:

    Words of hate? Calm down. Why is it that everytime someone voices that they aren't a celebrity's biggest fan, they're deemed a "hater"? Also, I hope you're a teenager, because any adult who doesn't understand that is misguided. Why you brought race into your answer--as if EVERY Black woman on the planet goes through daily epic struggles--I have no idea. Realize that not everyone worships the ground she walks on and attempt to accept others' opinions, whether good or bad.

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    jenl -are you aware of Monica Piliszek -who was the top stylist recruiter/trainer at Halo For Men -and who was featured on oprah -before she was assaulted by Halo ceo Bob Patrizi -who broke her nose, jaw -and was arrested and jailed for this =and also has an unrelated felony larceny case pending.... Oprahs people were warned of this and had full knowledge of this -and went and used Halo again -on the Oprah show -big defender of battered women -right?
    This was all covered in National Enquirer -

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    Well, Jen, I am right with you. I gave up on orca years ago. She is the biggest HIPPOcrit in the world. Yes, that is a nasty comment, but she deserves it. She uses women. I use to love her show, but gradually saw the light. Let me count the ways: She started her "angel network" fundraising and took credit for all the things she could do with the money others donated. Just as Elizabeth noted above, my friend went to see her show and also said she was very rude when the cameras weren't rolling. She had her "Legends" ball, spending millions on bling bling for the rich and famous in the entertainment world, but never considered honoring brilliant black women like Condi Rice. But the #1 reason I will NEVER watch her show again, is that she proclaimed Obama "The One". As a result we are stuck with a president who has done nothing but be devisive. He has wasted an opportunity to be a great president because he continues to make issues racial, calling those who disagree with him names. And if we do not agree with his policies, we are called "racists" or "teabaggers". If she had not endorsed him (after she promised never to endorse a politician) we might have had a black president someday who loves America, and all Americans more than he loves himself. Sadly, it will probably be long time before that happens now.
    And she makes celebrities of people like Dr. Oz, who "entertains" people with his medical advice. Why should anyone listen to a doctor whose #1 patient is the epitomy of what healthy should not look like. Oprah has thyroid issues that are so obvious.
    Oh, I know this will really get a lot of Oprah lovers mad, but that's okay. Some of us can see past the smoke and mirrors.
    I will not miss her when she leaves Chicago, though I do feel sorry for the businesses around Harpo that will suffer.

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    Here is the problem. We have put Oprah and many other celebs on a pedestal that we get enraged when someone speaks ill against them. She is no longer Oprah, but a product. She is a brand, not a person anymore. There is a PR and Marketing Team behind her using her fame and prosperity to push a much bigger agenda. Make money.

    We don't need to hit below the belt and be rude against one specific person. There is a team behind Oprah steering the ship...

  • In reply to erago:

    Great point @Elizabeth and a talent team I met one of them and they love her. but everyone is under contract. But I think when folks are in power or famous folks like to shoot you down. Grant it, I understand Oprah she doesn't bother me, much, but I do get her.

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    LOL You better watch out, she might have her lawyers after you dear. What's that word for saying something that isn't backed by fact. Liable? Though, I agree with you on a lot of things, I don't think 'Fraud' is the right term. You might want to check out the Enneagram 3, Both Michael Jordan and Oprah are the same type. though, Michael might be a 3w4 wing and Oprah is a 3w2 btw Jesus who was a 2w3 wing, can look alike depending on how healthy they are. Now with regards to Jesus he is the most healthy unless you count that last "god why have you forsaken me" bit, but that was his three wing talking there... but sorry moving on... Oprah clearly was most unhealthy back in the day, with childhood issues, weight, (though I agree there is a reason why she has a food issue) Fraud is too strong. Perhaps, not her true self could have been the issue than. Threes need a lot of attention, but when healthier, they give alot! They just want to world to know what they did. Think Bill Clinton.... Just look at Tiger, also a 3. Also, Needing to be loved. Threes need that a bit especailly with the two wing. Oh Madonna is also a 2w3 wing, (some say 3w2 wing) so I can see why they would want to re-invent themselves. My hate/love relationship with Oprah is that I believe she believes it, but she can't help herself, She's just an over achieving 3, in need of some 2 love. Learn the types, you won't be upset about what you see. (Enneagram Examiner)

  • In reply to ajwmedia:

    Ha, I was reading the comments again and yes, libelous. Funny because I said the same thing. Like I said "fraud" is a powerful word.

  • In reply to ajwmedia:

    I loved it! If its too much to read learn to skim... I went to Providence St Mel, we learned that in the 9th grade and boy do I have some stories about Lady O but I digress! Good job here.

  • In reply to ajwmedia:

    I'm not sure how you can dislike someone you don't know. Or claim to dislike someone whose every word you seem to hang on to, chew up and digest. You claim she is a fraud, your followers consider her a hypocrite, but your and their opinions all seem based on disappointment over finding out that she's only human. You didn't know that? It's true. Also I have met Oprah, at my mom's house when she was doing "Brewster Street" and she came by to thank mom for cooking her a cake. No cameras, sycophants or other hangers-on, just her and my cousin. Unannounced. The neighbors, though, freaked out when they saw her leave and she was cool, but when it was time to get back to work, she said so and left some disappointed but certainly not mom. So, while you consider her a fraud, without even knowing her, should I consider you small, petty and immensely jealous without knowing you? I won't be following your blog...let's leave it at that.

  • In reply to Horusbedhetys:

    One positive experience does not amount something good. You said it yourself, that we should not judge people poorly without knowing someone.
    You know her as a nice person who came over to thank your mom.
    The neighbors know her as someone who was too busy to take 10 minutes out of her day after she traveled to say thank you to someone else.

    Clearly you are just reinforcing people's negative opinion by telling us that the peons (neighbors) are not good enough to say hello to, but it has to be someone she knows and deems good enough to be in her presence.

    Unless I am misunderstanding, I feel that I have clarified your anecdotal story.

  • In reply to offended1:

    darn good come back.

  • In reply to Horusbedhetys:

    But Oprah is the Queen of America...we should all know her. I think I know enough about her to know that she is the most self-serving person I have ever met. Have you ever noticed on her show that when a guest is talking about their issue/problem/joys/whatever they are on the show about, somehow, someway, Oprah will find a way to tell an anecdote that ALWAYS involves her. I always laugh when I see her nodding her head when a psychologist is giving child rearing advice. Like she knows how to parent!! It cracks me up.
    Oprah is the expert when it comes to marriage, child rearing, budgeting your money on a tight budget, dealing with an abusive partner, etc etc. But the face is, she is none of these. She wants to be just like the commoners of Chicago but makes sure she is very distanced.

  • In reply to ajwmedia:

    Yikkkkes. I think you guys as in readers are missing the point of this womans blog. She is voicing her opinion. Thats all. There is no reason to take it personally if your name isnt Oprah.

  • In reply to JessicaLaShawn:

    Thanks for sticking up for me Jessica. Apparently Providence St. Mel not only taught you skimming skills...but sentence structure, proper spelling and grammar as well (definitely a lost art). I appreciate your comments and am certainly glad you enjoyed! From one catholic school girl to another~thank you for stating the obvious...all one has to do is read my blog title "Life: as I see it" to know what they're going to get long before reading more than the less than 600 words the internet apparently suggests...it's nothing more than my opinion. Based on responses from today's entry, I think we can all agree on one thing: when it comes to Oprah, we all seem to be passionate regarding our opinions of her. How wonderful we live in a country where we can express those opinions.:)

  • In reply to JessicaLaShawn:

    You go girl!

  • In reply to JessicaLaShawn:

    O's biggest fan is O!Finding a crown to fit her head is as hard as finding pants to fit that ass! She NEVER gets tired of patting herself on the back about what all she does for THE WORLD! Not an exact quote, but she said that she opened the school for girls in Africa because she's tried to help AMERICAN blacks & they just suck it up without trying to advance themselves! O only tolerates those that she bought & paid for(Steedman, Gayle, her staff, audences, & anyone who helps promote "O"!) She has a deep seated loathing of Americans of her race which started with her sexualy abusine family! She extends this to those whites that "keep her down" as a Memphis black child! She more than likely extends it to those(white or black) that tried to promote her young career as a weather person in Memphis so many years ago, because she has "brilliantly" surpassed ALL OF THEM to become "QUEEN OF THE WORLD"! The "Light to the World O" lost me years ago when she was doing a show on interracial children. She was talking to a teen girl from Mountain Home, Arkansaw, who shared that she had been called a lot of names due to her being bi-racial. It was then that in her best, drawnout, deep south accent replied' "We'll you know how them there Mountain Home folks are"! I've been called plenty of names due to my economic status as a child! Was called many more names by my D.I.! Was called even more names when I came home from doing my duty in south east asia! But I found the love of a great woman(39+ years) & all that BS went away! "I" found someone I love more than myself! If only O could do the same.....

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    I have struggled a lot over the years to put into words why I loathe that woman. I get heavily criticize by like everyone I know for it too but just something about her rubbed me the wrong way. The whole Michigan ave incident really put the icing on the cake too. Everyone just like bows in her presence and I just don't get it. I now have the perfect word thanks to you - phony. I seriously want to send this post to everyone I know. You gained a reader today. Thank you for saying what I've been dying to say for years. Anyone who calls this woman their queen needs a cat scan. What about people who do real charity and don't have their rep tip off people magazine or us weekly?? and I'm sorry - from a woman who has issues conceiving it breaks my heart to think anyone could be happy at their child dying. There are so many women in this world who would give their right arm for a healthy baby and here is a woman excited for the death of one. Disgusting. Don't listen to the hatred out there - stand proud for being a true voice of reason

  • In reply to mauraheizer:

    She has the same magic as Bill Clinton, If you ever seen this man in real life you would know why folk would sleep with him. lol A joke, but Oprah has the same deal. Some folks just have it, some dont. Don't try to understand it, it's a. hard work. b. a bit of luck and c. power and money. That's it.

  • In reply to mauraheizer:

    Yes, what about people who do real charity and don't have People Magazine or Us at their disposal? Wouldn't a column like this be better used to shine a light on those things than pouring salt on Oprah?

    If every small blog began using their power to put a lens on something worthy that needed publicity, I think, it wouldn't be long before we were all helping these causes instead of wishing and waiting for O to come along and shine her ginormous spotlight on them. It's not what O doesn't do, it's what do YOU do? Speak on that. Let's get to know the real you. I'm listening and can't wait to hear about it.

    If people kept focus where it belonged--on ourselves and helping others--then you could feel good about something instead of having your feelings of inadequacy validated by focusing on why you can never be friends with Oprah (though you desperately want to be, admit it!) Oprah is so bad! she doesn't do this and she didn't do that and she hates babies and she blah blah blah. Whoop de doo.
    Get real about this, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO IMPROVE THIS WORLD< RELATE TO PEOPLE AND BETTER THE LIVES OF OTHERS! Having said that, tearing someone down does not make you bad, just unfocused. Now sharpen up your aim on what's really important. Oprah is not important, you just think she is--refocus.

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    why are suburban grrls are so hateful & jealous ... all a bunch of fat drunk & not-so-attractive wannabees.

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    Come on people, show some intellect, Oprah does'nt have fans, she has worshipers, Oprah has been so out of touch with the average "Chicago" people for so long, only the "movers and shakers" can identify with her "moved on up"
    attitude and show. Her show used to be interesting, challenging, with the speakers, audience, and the stir of information that would be discussed. Now, all I see is what was called in my day, a "stuck-up", "full of herself" version of the old Oprah. Oooohhhh, all the pretty "made up" faces of attractive audience members, and oooooo, what about shows that rave about Oprah's "Favorite Things", reality check people, would you really pay the big money to "wear and do what Oprah advises", get your own life and quit trying to be an Oprah wannabee. The show and the magazine, is advertising, fluff, and once in a while entertaining. "O" magazine is like looking through the upper eschelon travel magazines like Conde Naste Traveler, the locations and elegant, tropical, elite, private, the people are beautiful and wealthy, but, you can't get from here to there being "mindfull" and putting the pictures on your "vision board". You belong in L.A. with all of the California people, and only a charter flight away from your "Hawaiian empire". Have a nice life Oprah, you have moved on from us "Chicagoans" and are ready to move on to the Hollywood and Beverly Hills scene. Good riddance, and enjoy the flight! Maybe you can even run for Governor of California and use your mighty wealth to bring California's debt into reality!

  • In reply to jenlenks:


    Thank you sooooo much for your honest opinions about the "great" O. I both enjoyed and agree with you. And you truly took the words straight from my mouth. I am sooooo sick of all the praise this woman generates, for what? It is just awful how we praise those with money and power. Oprah's head is self-swollen and she thinks she is some God to all mankind. I think she is a fake and as for all of her generosity, the benefits to her are far more rewarding. In short, she does nothing without her pockets being layered. I hate the way she talks down to common folk and praise celebrities. Have you ever noticed how she appoints herself as role model to upcoming stars? I hated how she felt she could pass her dislike for gum chewing on to Jamie Foxx and tell him not to chew gum at the Oscars. I could go on and on but you have captivated exactly how I feel. Thank you for your honesty and the ability to have and express a thought of your own. Oprah has hood-winked so many of her followers that they can't see the forest for the trees. Sometimes, I think I actually smell her BS oozing from the TV set. Her recent interview with Iyanla was a perfect example of how she treats people poorly. Yes, the greedy woman did betray Oprah but did Oprah have to allow her to ridicule herself on national TV? I am a black woman who thinks the both of them were disgraceful in different ways but putting color aside and looking at it as woman to woman, it still was disgraceful to watch Oprah publicly gloating. It just goes to show how she revels in her self-appointed position of Godliness and I think it is a shame that someone so transparent has so much power and influence on others. Again,it makes one wonder how money and power influences the weak? Please continue to stand strong and voice your opinions, I, for one do enjoy reading them. Kudos!

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    For the love of what is good in this world, why diss my Oprah? Oh, yeah, I know why. Cuz she desrves it. Someone who isn't afraid of the wrath of Oprah or the Opraphite has finally stepped up and said what so many others think. I began my dislike of the big O a while back, but more recently, when she declared that everyon should have fresh linen on their bed daily and that everyone should have a glamor bathroom ike hers I knew she was out of touch completely. Really Oprah? Not everyone has the means to satisfy your ridiculous definition of "necessity". And shame on you for attempting to make others question their own measure of happiness compared to what you think is a "must have". Shut the hell up! Thanks, Jen for sharing my distaste for Ms. "I am so good I dictate how all must live" Winfrey. We don't need it. And 25 years is enough. Bye Bye all ready!

  • In reply to HypnotiqOne:

    No one is my "queen" or "king," certainly not a celeb.

  • In reply to HypnotiqOne:

    She is NOT our "Queen." We do not have a monarchy in this country--if people would spend more time reading and less time glued to the tube watching Oprah and Dr. Swill, they'd know that.

  • In reply to HypnotiqOne:

    Jen Jen Jen...how Chicago Now could let you have a blog of your OWN is questionable. This story is exactly what you say you detest about Oprah--it's a big ole publicity seeking campaign. With a good majority of people enthralled with her, tearing her down, as so few attempt to do, makes you, what, brave?
    I defend your right to say and believe what you want. What's detestable and negates anything you have to say is titling your piece with the descriptors of BIG & FAT. You could make the same argument by just saying fraud, but by losing your objectivity, and going in for the obvious, you make this piece unbelievable and laughable at best. Your negative personality throughout is like the dog doo we unknowingly step in sometimes. You can be unaware it happened, but after a while, you just can't mask the smell.

    I think of everyone as my family, we inhabit this earth as a brotherhood so even you deserve to be loved. I would warn you against being so derogatory in your statements in the future, lest you want to meet someone brave enough to call you pasty, ugly and talentless right before they begin to dissect the little you have accomplished in this world.
    It doesn't feel good. Ouch.
    Be better. Open your vulnerable heart and say. "I so desire to be loved by everyone, including Oprah, but she just seems so out of my league." You can hate that, but then at least you take responsibility for your own shortcoming or lack of self esteem,and work on that instead of blasting someone else's largess. Address the real issue. Anyone that criticizes someone this way is just hurt.

    We can all be greater than we are. Work towards it by polishing up your own resume and using this space that Chicago Now gives you to encourage good people in their deeds and shine a light on others who may need some awareness shown on the things they do to spread their messages of hope and good will. Being complaining, resentful and angry says to the world that you don't think much of yourself. Do more for others and you will feel good about yourself and not so bad about Oprah. Good luck with YOU.

  • In reply to djladyd:

    And by the way, your use of "little colored girl" did not go unnoticed. Snide, cowardly and atrocious. Be better.

  • In reply to djladyd:

    you must not have tuned into the "best interview ever"...nothing snide, cowardly and atrocious was implied--unless you are referring to Ms. Winfrey--"little colored girl" were her EXACT words when explaining how MLK would be proud of her. I believe I used quotes in the context.

    It seems you choose to see what you want to see in regards to this particular blog.

    Don't worry about my issues--or my writing style. If all blogs written were warm and fuzzy, imagine how boring ChicagoNow would be--certainly would not still be in business that is for sure.

    I think that's where this poster below is going with the "censorship" angle...that is what censorship is--deciding what everyone should write, think, feel...etc. If the chip on YOUR shoulder weren't so big you might see and realize that.

    Don't worry about me--as far as ChicagoNow liking or disliking what I write--you should fire off an e-mail to my boss--his name can be found in the contacts. Who knows, chiangel--maybe you can take my place.

    Have a great day :)

  • In reply to jenlenks:

    I stand corrected--I did not use quotes when referring to point in interview when O referred to herself as "little colored girl from Tennessee". I meant no disrespect. Nor did I intend to be "snide, cowardly, or atrocious". I apologize for my omission of quotes.

  • In reply to jenlenks:


    I did not interpret the description "little colored girl" to be snide, cowardly, and atrocious. I interpreted it as a literary means to portray irony.

  • In reply to djladyd:

    My favorite Oprah moment is "Oprah Weeping On A Stranger In Grant Park!"

  • In reply to djladyd:

    @ chiangel People like you, who support censorship, in the name of being politically correct...scare me.

  • In reply to ljpljpljpljpljp:

    Ummmm...who said anything about censorship? What response are you reading? people like you, who pull catch phrases like censorship and support out of thin air, in other words manufacture pointless scare tactics, actually are the scary ones. Booooo!

  • In reply to djladyd:

    "And by the way, your use of "little colored girl" did not go unnoticed. Snide, cowardly and atrocious. Be better."

    It sure appeared to me that if you could, you would prohibit the use of "little colored girl." I got that notion because instead of commenting on "jenyl's" ideas, you criticized her choice of words.

  • In reply to djladyd:

    censorship is deciding what everyone should read, hear, feel, believe. Imagine how boring, and yes, scary our world would be if everyone read, heard, felt, and believed the exact same thing.

  • In reply to djladyd:

    Oh! I like this response! @chiangel-I think people have a really hard time expressing themselves sometimes, and I love your suggestion about refocusing in one of your previous comments. You can tell that this blogger has passion about something and I am interested to find out more as well!

    It's hard to stand up and say something positive and coherent in the midst of all the defensive posts. Good for you! Many people regard living a life of love as being weak and boring, but I find it challenging and exciting!

    It's easy to join in with the masses and use your talent in a negative way. That is the way of the world. The people that step out of that negativity are the ones who truly shine.

  • In reply to HypnotiqOne:

    Maybe "Mad" isn't the way to describe it. Maybe more like upset that others can't see through some of the gimmicks used to get her where she is....

    Jen's info about not visiting last wishes without her camera crew is revealing. But so is the legitimacy of all the shows "revealing" shows that were supposed to be real life drama. Remember all the times when the show would air a line like: We're doing a show on "X". Do you know someone with "X" problem? give us a call.

    How many of these were not the real thing? We'll never know. But I can honestly say I know not all of them were the real deal.

    And a final one that always gets me is her "spirituality" that she always pushes - its not the real deal. She claims to be a Christian, but she certainly ignores her Christian roots by following the ways of the world when it is to her advantage. Christ always taught it is better to be poor and do things for the right reasons than to do things to show how great you are. For a person who does things for the world gets their reward when the world notices - and no other reward (as in from heaven) is given. One who does good deeds for the sake of helping others (especially when not known by others) store up their rewards in heaven.

    All said, I certainly do not hate her and wish the best for her in the future. I especially hope, more than going for the glory she stays true to herself.

  • Gotta agree with Jeni, this interview was sickening. It was crazy how subservient Piers was to Oprah. I guess you have to be really, really powerful for it to be okay to say you were glad your child died; it literally made my teenaged daughter gasp.

    The exchange about the stunt was telling. Oprah wouldn't back down until Piers backed away from calling the Australia trip a stunt, which, of course, it was. And you would have to be insane to consider "Dr." Phil as a competent counselor. Again, she was just pushing her brand.

    I have enjoyed Oprah on and off through the years; I thought her interview with Rielle Hunter was fantastic. But her ego in this interview was an ugly thing to see.

  • In reply to Mitla96:

    Thanks for your comments~I believe we saw the same interview. I, too, enjoy a good Oprah interview~Rielle Hunter was fantastic as well as her two interviews with George and Laura Bush~I found the trip cross-country with Gayle absolutely delightful. I guess I like her shows when they are not all about her--with the exception of the trip to Yosemite...that was just good "watching".

    I've found as her "brand" has grown, so has her ego...when it's all about her (much like the Australia Pt. 1 was yesterday and the Morgan interview the night before) the shows just aren't so enjoyable~Thank you for confirming my opinion regarding Phil.

  • In reply to Mitla96:

    I think it's a bunch of BS how she never supports Chicago. One example is giving away all those Volkswagens. Did she bother to involve the Chicago dealer just a few blocks away from her studio where her staff buys and services their cars? Oh, no. Of course not. Dealing with lowly Chicago merchants just isn't her thing unless it's DIAMONDS. Pedestrian ole v-dub business can go directly through corporate.

  • In reply to VelvetMinxx:

    great point regarding "supporting of Chicago businesses" when considering the VWs...as I watched the Australia episodes yesterday and today I wonder why the ambassador didn't chose to visit a beautiful American city for the over-the-top production...I'm sure Travolta has credentials to fly American skies -- oh, wait, he didn't actually pilot that flight of a lifetime...:) Thanks for reading and for your comments.

  • In reply to Mitla96:

    I stopped watching Oprah a long time ago and only rarely watch her now. I agree with you. I believe she's a fraud.

  • In reply to siblingless:

    thanks so much for reading and your comments~I appreciate both :)

  • In reply to Mitla96:

    I'd first like to defend Oprah. I think she's used her power for good. Particularly in the field of sexual assault awareness. Oprah has taken a once never discussed issue, and brought it to light. With 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys being sexually abused, this is a tremendous accomplishment.

    However, she does love self promotion, whichh is fine, except for one episode about "Random Acts of Kindness" Oprah was trying to encourage us to perform random acts of kindness - except that all of the filmed "Oprah" acts of kindness were far from "random". She's have coffee delivered to construction workers in OPRAH mugs - hahaha! I was amazed that the producers didn't catch the absurdity of this show. (this was YEARS ago, by the way)

  • In reply to wilmachicago:

    thanks so much for reading~I really enjoyed the episode about the sexually abused as well. She does have some good episodes; I just find them few and far between. As for the "random acts of Kindness/Oprah mugs..."~another shameless plug that Oprah has clearly made sport of.

  • In reply to wilmachicago:

    Without a doubt, Oprah is more full of herself than pretty much anyone out there. She is a racist and a sexist, having deep-seated contempt towards whites and men, particularly men. She made her billion dollar fortune off the backs of white women who fall all over themselves worshiping at her altar. And when she dies, she'll give all her money to some elitist left wing cause or group, Obama, NAACP, etc. She even admitted that she didn't want to help poor blacks in this country, but only blacks in Africa with an all-girls school (yet more evidence of her contempt towards men). And look how that turned out anyway. Yes Jen, she is a big fraud!!

  • In reply to Chenjesu:

    I trust you enjoyed part of Morgan interview when she coyly refused his suggestions she should run for President...and of course "shot down" theories she's the "most powerful woman" in America ("one of, Piers"). And, I agree with you, Chenjesu: she may not want to be President of USA--but she's definitely current president of the "man haters club". Thanks for reading and for your comments.

  • In reply to Chenjesu:

    I agree with most of your statement, but educating girls in impoverished nations is not an example "of her contempt towards men." The education of women is one of THE biggest ways to improve a country's standings, both economically and socially speaking. In the countries where women are not educated, it is seen as unnecessary to do so, but boys are educated. That is why it is so important to make sure girls can read and know what's going on around them so they can avoid future poverty and lives of despair and submission to their husbands.

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