2010 Turkey Awards



I’m one of six kids–Thanksgiving was always a big deal in our family and it has always been one of my favorite holidays.

We always gathered at my Grandparents’ house.  Thanksgiving was a day to savor the smells of my Grandma’s kitchen.  Holiday dinners always included great debates around the dining room table.

Grandma’s dining room table was always festive, a beautiful centerpiece with candles decorated the table where I first learned about the world of politics…didn’t matter who was in office–the grown-ups around the table all had ideas of how to “do things better”.

After we had dessert, we’d pull names for the Christmas Funny Gift Exchange.  We did this for many years–although in the early eighties–Grandma decided that our gifts were no longer funny–they were downright mean–that’s when she put the big kabash on the tradition she’d started.

After we pulled the lucky name of the recipient we’d be expected to harass for Christmas that particular year out of a hat that Grandma held, we wrote it down on the official funny gift list.

Next, we were excused to head downstairs and settle into the “soft-seats”, as my Grandad referred to them, to watch Channel 2 News. Now most families traditionally watched football on Thanksgiving–and we did too–but we only watched before dinner.  After dinner was reserved for family.

Walter Jacobsen and Bill Curtis were considered family, they were familiar faces we welcomed into our living room every single night at 6 and 10, and much like family elders–when they spoke–we were to listen.

We waited every year for Walter Jacobsen’s annual installment of Turkey Awards–he’d pick the biggest clowns in the news for the year who were guilty of the biggest blunders.

As a kid, I dreamed of the day I knew enough about the “turkeys” to pick ’em…seems like 2010 is the year my dream will come true.

As luck would have it the Class of 2010 Turkeys have quite a cast of characters to choose from.  Do you agree with my top ten?  And if you don’t, and had the chance to pick 2010’s Ultimate Turkey, who would you choose??

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