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CPS Teachers: Sure Size Matters--but so do Good Teachers

I feel for the Chicago Public School Teachers…35 kids in an open lot is crazy…35 kids in the confines of a classroom is just asking for trouble.  Maybe that’s why I enjoyed teaching preschoolers.  State Law proclaimed I could never have more than ten in my charge at once. But I disagree with their sour... Read more »

Michael Jackson: A Year and Several Tissues Handed from Tito Later

  It’s been a year since the death of The King of Pop.  Do I weep for Michael–the “five”–his eighty-year old mother now faced with raising “his” children, Joe Jackson’s lack of income, thanks to the will, from the movie This Is It?  No, I continue to weep for Farrah Fawcett–her body was barely cold when... Read more »

Orland Square Mall: The Ultimate Shopping Destination

Stash Stapinski has had his eyes out for a pair of pink shorts.  Long story short–if it’s pink we buy it.  Pink shirts, pink shorts, pink golf tees, pink golf balls, pink ribbon car air fresheners, pink ribbon lottery scratch off tickets.  It’s warm, he’s got a weekend of golf ahead of him…he needs shorts,... Read more »

Blagojevich Trial Day One: Let the Freakshow Begin...

  I woke this morning with all the excitement of a child on Christmas morning.  June 3, 2010 is the day I’ve been anticipating forever–okay, not forever–but I’ve been waiting since the breaking news broke on the morning of December 9, 2008… and a couple hours later when the coiffed one made his appearance in... Read more »