Dancing With the Stars: My Dream Lineup

Remember Dancing With The Stars when it first premiered?  It was a catapult for B/C List Celebs to get themselves back out there again.  Remember when Billy Ray Cyrus appeared–pushing his kid’s new show “Hannah Montana”?  He and his hair mamboed their way through more episodes than I’d ever imagined.  And we all know what became of Hannah Montana.  Billy’s little girl is one pole dance away from needing a DWTS invite to recover her own image.

Since the big SNL Mother’s Day Episode last Saturday, everyone seems to be jumping aboard the “Now let’s see Betty dance” train.  Betty White–Shmetty White.  I’ve come up with an absolute dream lineup for the new fall season.  My cast of characters definitely need some type of light shed on their plumetting public image; preferably not the mars lights on top of a squad.  God knows they are available…there is not much else on their plates at the current time.  Now, I think this would make for some must-see-TV…what say you??


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  • Haha! I laughed out loud, thanks Jennifer!

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