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Memorial Day: Some Traditions Aren't Meant to Be Broken

                    Memorial Day’s weather has never agreed with any plans I’ve had…unless those plans included an “inside-my-own-house” activity.  The weather always stinks.  Sure we have sun for fun on at least one of the first three days of the four day weekend.  But like death and taxes... Read more »

Oprah: Ratings and must be May Sweeps

I love watching TV during sweeps months.  November, February, and May are the months I set aside to catch some real jaw-dropping moments.  I’m sure many are worried about which network to tune in to tonight; ABC offers the most coveted mirror ball trophy–FOX will crown a new American Idol–and NBC will decide which chubster... Read more »

Dancing With the Stars: My Dream Lineup

Remember Dancing With The Stars when it first premiered?  It was a catapult for B/C List Celebs to get themselves back out there again.  Remember when Billy Ray Cyrus appeared–pushing his kid’s new show “Hannah Montana”?  He and his hair mamboed their way through more episodes than I’d ever imagined.  And we all know what... Read more »

Mother's Day

“If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much.”…Jacqueline Kennedy I  think the quote above is one of my favorites.  The words ring so true.  If you’ve completely mucked up raising a kid with a strong foundation, who really cares about what you actually do well?  ... Read more »

Did You Boycott Cinco de Mayo??

I wonder if the fine folks in Arizona celebrated Cinco de Mayo with the same flair as they have in the past?  Did they raise their margarita glasses and shout OLE with the same fervor?  If you’re on board with the new legislation, you’d better spit out that Tecate and drop the taco while you... Read more »

Robert Crown Center: A Fifth Grader's Right of Passage

Like it or not, Quincy is heading west on a field trip with half of his classmates tomorrow.  Like his mother, father and almost every other fifth grader in the surrounding area before him, he’s headed to Hinsdale’s Robert Crown Center.  It’s springtime in the fifth grade and along with the pungent smells emitting from pre-pubescent armpits, there are many... Read more »