Facebook is a Sight for Sore Eyes


Comcast has finally completed my internet and wireless connections.  It’s been a long week away from my computer; I was practically shaking when entering my password to see what I had missed.
I found that I missed my Facebook connection the most.  It’s the first thing I check each morning and the last thing I sign out of each night. 
Our big move last week was much more hectic than I imagined it would be.  While driving back and forth from point A to point B, I listened to my AM talk radio (yes, I’ve officially become my father–I now understand the mystique) and of course my daily dose of Steve Dahl’s Podcast (if you haven’t listened–you must check it out).  When I wasn’t hauling boxes back and forth, I was shuttling the clowns around from activity to activity.


With each news blurb I heard, each kid I picked up, each trip to the store, the wheels started churning–all this good stuff with real Facebook Status Line possibilities and I’m stuck behind the wheel of good ole Bessie.
So I figured I’d share with you all of the Facebook Status possibilities the last week has presented now that I’m back in the swing of things.  Something short and sweet that will hopefully make you smile.
• Opening Day: Braves 16–Chicago Cubs 5 –nah,I don’t think 2010 is going to be their year either.
• First day back to class after Spring break.  9:15 call from school RN to pick up a queasy Quincy–details of upcoming Robert Crown Field trip left him limp and cold on library floor.
• Glad church scandal is finally getting people in an uproar–all it took was European Priest participation.
• Former Governor, ex-Apprentice,  and current Illinois jagbag is concerned how potential black and Jewish jurors might perceive him…he’d better hope I don’t get called–SLITHERING RAVENCLOTH–what an Idiot.
• Kate’s questioning of Tony’s teaching abilities in the DWTS mini-movie last Monday solidifies my opinion that the gal with two left feet and breasts far too perky for a mother of eight will be along for the long haul.
• I hope this week on the Biggest Loser Campus brings Make Over Week–Fozzie Bear needs a trim –and the returning gal with red shirt needs a new personality.
• Speaking of the gal with red shirt returning–seems our loss is her hubby’s gain…enjoy your unexpected vacation, Lance.
• Mixture of extremely warm weather for April and full moon colliding bring questionable fashion statements; if you have to ask should I shave or do I need a pedicure before wearing the shorts and flip flops…chances are YOU DO.
• Drill Baby Drill ( Amazingly enough, I am really enjoying this administration)
• Memo to LiLo…if you want to fetch the Snookie Cash for appearances add a bumpit to your chee-toe colored spray tan…ssheesh.
• Finally caught the Blindside–I’m no fan of Streep, but me thinks the lady was robbed.
• Dear God~Thank you for the best Easter gift in many, many years~extra warm temps so the Springy Church Outfits and Bonnets did not need a top layer 🙂
• I do not wish to be remembered by a roadside cross display nor a car decal stating my name–dates of birth and death–accented by the RIP.
• According to the expert in the family all our new home needs is a picture of Jesus…oh yeah, in a “classy frame”; Thank God he goes back to work tonight.
• Why is the guy who trips out of the closet always the last to arrive at Acceptance Station from Denial Depot??
• In addition to sitting in her easy chair clicking on my blog as many times as possible a day, my Mother has also taken to suggesting “themes” for my daily entries (aka “articles”).
• Quincy wasted no time in telling Grandma the Easter Bunny did not leave clues to find baskets this year–the bum merely hid the lousy thing…
• My MIL has given her two thumbs up to our “new to us” bedroom set; I guess we’re going with the shiny one…:O)
• Mrs. Kravitz’s daughter has married Mr. Buttinsky’s son…their daughter comes in the form of my new neighbor…
• What is worse…The fact his mother called 42 times during her son’s vacation due to move or the fact I actually kept track.
• Is it wrong I smiled when 2nd round of golf this weekend was called due to hail and driving winds; or that I smiled when round should have been finished the sun came out?



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  • I Love reading your blogs...they start my day with a laugh...you're amazing Jennifer!

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