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Angels Disguised as School Volunteers

  Today was picture day at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School.  My youngest goes to school there and I agreed to help out in the multi-purpose room.  I received an e-mail last week asking for help.  I’ll make it perfectly clear right here right now that I absolutely despise volunteering at school.  I do it for... Read more »

Who Gets the Hook at A Playdate Interview??

    I’ve never been a fan of “new parenting”. I remember the clowns that used to run the playground circuit when my kids were young. Today’s crew has evolved into something that makes yesteryears freaks seem almost normal. My younger brother called out of the blue last week to ask me if I’d ever... Read more »

Everybody is Guilty when They Are Catholic

  A reprint of my Easter Blog from last year ~ the message timeless.  I’ve added a few pictures from past Easter celebrations when I was young. Easter was always a holiday we looked forward to.  We got a new outfit, dinner was served at Grandma’s house, and following dessert we were given clues written... Read more »

The Ugly Truth about Pregnancy...not to mention the other things the books won't tell you

Tonight at 10:00 marks the fifteenth anniversary of my labor pains becoming strong enough for me to waddle out to the family room and announce I’d reconsidered…the pain was unbearable and I needed to get to the place that promised me drugs to make it stop.  It had been exactly one week since I saw... Read more »