What Is Love? – By Rick McCain

Valentine’s Day is here, and the love of Cupid’s arrows will rack up billions of dollars for the commercial industry. In 2019, $20.7 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation. People across the world will purchase flowers, candy, go out to dinner and fork out a large amount of cash... Read more »

Living My N.O.W. Life! – By Rick McCain

My wife loves getting together with her extended family so they can reminisce about things that happened in the past. She loves going to each person, listening to their stories, and communicating her past joyous times with them. My family, however, wasn’t that close, which makes people, even my wife, think I’m not a people... Read more »

Pump Boys & Dinettes at the Porchlight is 90 minutes of fun.

It’s time to turn on the theater lights, and Porchlight brings back one of the longest-running shows in Chicago Theatre history with its 27th season of Pump Boys & Dinettes. Straightaway from Highway 57, we stop at the Double Cupp Diner of Prudie and Rhetta, where the Cupp sisters offered fresh-baked pies and cakes with... Read more »

CHICAGO MAGIC LOUNGE, Nick Diffatte: Offbeat is a little off but still a good night of comedy & magic.

The magic mystery is back in the Windy City with the Chicago Magic Lounge featured act, Nick Diffatte. Dedicated to the art of sleight-of-hand magical arts, CML is purposely tucked far away from the tourist-heavy- River North area and conveniently located south of the Andersonville high-rent district. This unassuming building, located at 5050 North Clark,... Read more »

The Wolf Strikes again with Steppenwolf Theatre Company Liz and Eric Lefkofsky Arts and Education Center expansion.

The monster that has attacked the world, Covid, an acute respiratory illness in humans caused by a coronavirus, caused theaters to go dark for nearly two years. It was one of the hardest-hit industries that had to close its doors. The vibrant scene of lights, action, and great storytelling on stage came abruptly, leaving actors,... Read more »

Playwright Joshua Allen believes, The Last Pair of Earlies is worth the travel up north. We agree!

As Raven Theatre welcomes back audiences, the buzz about its world premiere of ‘The Last Pair of Earlies’ is that it’s a hit! Playright Joshua Allen, who transitions within two decades, 1921 Mississippi and 1939 Chicago, provides a dimensional view of a younger Wayland and Della Rose Early contrasting with an aged couple, dealing with... Read more »

The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made At The Second City has a few holes but it's still a fun night.

Comedy has always been about being humorous to provoke laughter and The Second City is second to none when it comes to improv and stand-up comedy. Its unique blend of talented comedians with well-planed jokes and skits can make the worst of days end happily-ever-after. In its typical, slap in the face, current events improv... Read more »


Broadway Playhouse has brought us the academic promise land that simplifies the Constitution. Just like the 1976 version of Schoolhouse Rock, “I’m Just A Bill,” What The Constitution Means To Me galvanizes audiences worldwide given them the chance to discover what the founding fathers desired when drafting the Constitution. Playwright Heidi Schreck’s play is simply... Read more »

Fannie, The Music and Life Of Fannie Lou Hamer

She was born into poverty. One of 20 children of Lou Ella and James Townsend who lived in the Mississippi Delta, considered most deprived regions in the U.S. A life filled with words of hatred and racism. She picked cotton at age six, left school at twelve, married at 27, and worked on a plantation.... Read more »

The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice

The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice Court Theater opens its season with the Shakespearian tragedy, The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice. If some are not familiar with Shakespeare’s stories, it’s becoming a tragedy as today’s modern educational programs across the United States. The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council... Read more »