About Us

pic_2010_092105They have seen so many great plays at American Blues Theater, Black Ensemble, Court Theater, Drury Lane, Goodman, Lookingglass, Northlight, Paramount, Shakespeare, Steppenwolf, Victory Gardens, Writers and the list continues to grow each month.

They pride themselves on being a trusted source in helping individuals get the inside story on each play to guide them to an awe-inspiring theater performance. Their goal is to leave a memorable impression, a laugh, a solution, an insight to their readers so they will remember and come back for more reviews on their page.

Their goal is to give you an unforgettable imprint that will entice you to visit one of these awesome theaters and enjoy the excitement within Chicagoland that happens on a daily basis.

They bring that same joy to Let's Play so come join them as they open your eyes to the hidden gem of Chicagoland theaters.

You can reach them about reviewing your upcoming play at the following, letsplayreviewhost@gmail.com.